Mammoth Sunflower Bolting

SoilSaviorSeptember 13, 2012

I sowed several dozen mammoth sunflower seeds into one of my beds on August 15. This bed had just previously had manure tilled in and fresh mulch when the sprouts were a few inches tall.

Daily watering, 8 hours of sunlight a day, temperatures around 90/79 High/Low. Florida Zone 9

They're about 12-18" now, but they have all begun to form flowers, so I'm going to remove them and plant something else there. What caused them to flower so early?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

It's probably flowering early in response to the shortening day length. That's natures way of assuring seeds before freezing weather. In your zone nature was a bit early. But in other areas of the country the response would be spot on with planting that late.

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