Amorphophallus Konjac

Dacocoa(5)July 12, 2013

So I purchased this plant from a pretty cool little shop in the downtown area of my city last October. It died back in January and for the past month, has been sprouting again. It had a baby plant that I transplanted into it's own pot. But now it's just starting to open up. I've been taking daily pictures of it as It grows wicked fast at night! So I like to compare the day-to-day growth! Here's a picture from this morning!

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So the picture in my first post was taken at around 7:30AM this morning.The one in this post was taken at about 4:00PM this afternoon, just after turning it to face opposite of the window. Generally on a sunny day, it tends to lean toward the light extremely fast after about 2pm when it's no longer in direct sun. It really doesn't start leaning until then. By complete darkness at night, it stops. And the process continues again the next sunny day. I turn it to face opposite of the window every morning as well. I would say, in general, this plant is extremely fast grower once it begins to open and send the stalk up and leafs shortly after. It's just amazing, I think.

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

Very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have always wanted this plant!!! Be warned, it has a giant stinky flower smelling of rotting flesh. This attracts flies for pollination too! And if you dont already dont know it, these go dormant in winter and come back in summer

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I thought is was pretty cool when I saw it, I couldn't leave the store without it. Yeah I've heard they have very stinky flowers, and so some call it "corpse flower". Yeah It died back for me in January, and just began sprouting for a month and a half. When I repotted it in May, I found a mini bulb baby, that has turned into its own, much smaller version of the plant. Here's the baby.

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It's a leaf with a lot of leaflets. Amorphophallus generally grow like that, producing either a leaf or a flower. After the flower dies it begins to grow a leaf, but they never grow together.

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Morning All, tall is your Amorphophallus? Would you happen to know the height when mature?

Hi Tropic. Question. I have the Amorphophallus called Voodoo Bulb, purchased in the 90's.
Bought from a non-plant-nursery store, that sold a few plants.
Generic directions were included.
"Place bulb w/o soil on a windowsill and watch a beautiful, flower grow. After flower fades, foliage sprouts."

The first couple years I did as instructed, but nothing happened!
So, I eventually potted in soil. Every spring/summer foliage grows, but no bloom. Why is that?

Can a flower be forced? It's too late this year, but there's always next year, etc. Thanks, Toni

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Hey hopefulauthor, last year when It was fully mature, it was probably no more than three feet tall above the soil. But the diameter of the leaf was about 4 feet wide. My baby one is about a foot tall with 8-10inch diameter leaf. I too have never seen this one flower, of course I haven't even had it a year though. But the shot downtown where I purchased it, had one sitting out for display this past May that was in bloom. Just as tropicbreezent said, if it's going to flower, it'll first sprout from soil as the flower, and only the flower. Once it dies back, the normal tuber or stalk can grow and develop it's one big leaf. But never occurring simultaneously.

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Toni, a lot of people do that, leave it without soil. It has to be mature enough and can then flower. But it's like not feeding you for a few days and then sending you out doing hard manual labour still without food.

Amorphs are heavy feeders and need it to grow healthy and fast. The more they feed the larger the tuber they produce, which in turn will produce a larger leaf. It gets to the point when it has enough reserves to include flowering into its cycle. Starving yours has set it back a long way and it'll take time to recover, let alone flower.

The only reason they're left out of soil is for the "OH WOW!" factor, but it's killing the plant. If you have it stored unpotted, you need to pot it up as soon as it starts to show signs of growth. Feed it well through the season. It will flower once it's back to a healthy state.

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tropicbreezent, what should we feed it with? My Miracle Grow is a 20-20-20 mixture, is that a good mixture for amorphs? Should I feed it every time I water it (once/twice a wk)? I would love to have it develop a larger leaf next year, and even have it flower.

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LOVE these plants! Here's a shot of one of mine blooming a few years ago:

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