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tinfoilhatJanuary 6, 2011

I put in a trailer on the property for in-laws and outlaws when they visit. I built a pond out back of it and when I am full of myself I call it The Lake House.

It's chilly here but maybe worse where you are at. Hope this warms you up.

From this summer.

Front of sign.

Back of sign.

I turned off the waterfalls to get these two pictures at dawn after a storm. The air was completly still and the still water caught the reflections.

Hope your feeling warmer.

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chevy57red(3/4 MN)

Very pretty.

Wishing it would warm up a bit for us to use the pool here..
we are wintering in Mesa..

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That's the largest pool I've ever seen!! Like your sign- both sides!!Jan

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It's a C-ment pond. Yes it is large, another case of my Champagne appetite getting the best of my beer pocketbook.
I use plants, biological and mechanical filters to keep it clean. Chlorine would kill plants and fish and make it a pool which would make my taxes go up.
This is a picture of 1 of 3 biological filter. The water goes through mechanical filter into bottom of basins and feeds bacteria in gravel that feed plants and waterfalls back into pond oxygenating water for fish. There are 5 waterfalls that provide a wonderful background music in the evening sitting by pond. The water in this pond gets to 91F in summer.

It draws a lot of animals and birds in that feast on my Kio. I made this heron cutout because herons are territorial and won't come in if there is another heron nearby.

This heron apparently didn't read that article nor does he believe my attack fish sign.

I even have bullfrogs in there. I have no idea how they make the trek though the desert to find this place but they do. They draw in snakes which I have already have too many of. This is a 4 foot Mojave Rattlesnake, probably the most deadly snake in the US.

The pond also draws in Colorado River Toads (now called Sonora Desert Toad). They are poisonous to small stupid animals and hallucinogenic. I cannot verify that last fact but Oscar seen below can. He once grabbed one and went immediately crazy. I shoved a hose in his throat and gave him a Benadryl and he seemed ok but shaky. I thought all was well till I found him later that night on computer downloading Jimi Hendrix songs with my credit card and rocking out.

Oscar is a small mutt with a Napoleonic complex that wandered in about 4-5 years ago and decided to stay.
Two nights ago at 11pm Oscar got territorial and stupid with a Bobcat and took 2nd place in showdown at pond. The vet is $600 richer and Oscar is home now. He's shaved, full of holes and stitches, and pretty sad looking but that's better than being someone's dinner.

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Marlene Kindred

You never cease to amaze me! that's what I call a POND! Beautiful! I know what you mean about the Heron....we have that issue every spring...we've resorted to all kinds of tactics...mostly my running out and flailing around like a crazy woman works best. ;-) LOVE the sign too...

And I am VERY happy that Oscar made it through that attack...and maybe learned a lesson or two along the way.

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susie_gardener_2007(OK 7)

Wow! That's some pond! Love the sign. And the cute little dog! This made me laugh. Thanks so much!


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Very beautiful, tinfoilhat! Yup, "ponds" are part of our gardens! Your's definitely fits the "Champagne" budget! I don't like ALL of the critters you get ...I get the bullfrogs plus leopard frogs in our small man-made pond...

Your signage is GREAT! I'm like Marlene with the once-in-a-while heron visits..." mostly my running out and flailing around like a crazy..." LOL!

TFS your beautiful pics & a gentle hug for Oscar! Jeanne S.

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Love the C-ment pond and from the looks of your sign you only let "Ellie Maes" swim there.(I guess we won't be chunky-dunkin there.) Your pic with the reflection is beeeeutiful. Your landscape is so different than ours and I'm with Jeannie, you can keep your critters. Maybe you should change Oscar's name to Lucky. Thanks for the pix.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Oscar is a cutie, I hope he recovers quickly.

Your pond setup looks nicer than a lot of parks. You showed a little of it when you made the Duckman and it looked really nice, so I'm glad you posted more pics.

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decompost(z8 NC)

(I've gone completely slack-jawed here)
Your place looks like a resort, Tinny! *mad applause!* Fa-Boo!

What a spunky lite fellow Oscar is.
Glad that he lives to tell the tale of his encounter with the critter of the feline persuasion, hope he'll be back to his sassy self in very short order - but a little wiser for the experience. ;-)

(okay, time for me to gather my jaw back up *lol*)

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Finished this fishing bobber made from bowling ball the other day but just got it out to pond today.

Chunky-dunkin? I had to look that one up. There is no pond rule about that, you just can't wear a thong bathing suit if you qualify as a chuky-dunker type.
That thong rule has got me in hot water a few times and trying to explain how I came up with that just gets me in hotter water so I'll stop now.
Nobody every complains about the "If your birthday suit looks like it needs ironing, wear a bathing suit" rule. What's up with that?
Oscar finally ate something today so I guess he's on the road back. As far as him getting wiser I'm afraid he falls in that, you can't fix stupid, category.

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Great bobber! among the coiled rope...hope no one confuses that coiled rope with your other poisionous critters who visit! Love the scale of the bobber for your "champagne" pond! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Poor Oscar, he is very lucky to have lived to tell the tale even after 6 hundred bucks. 1 chomp could have done him in! So it's a cement bottom pond with lots of critters. So can humans actually go in it or only if they have a deathwish??? Love your BB bobber, looks real, should keep the sharks in line!! Jan

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