Aralia (Fabian) Dropping A Few Leaves

morangtaJuly 30, 2011

We have a problem beginning to show on our fabian aralia: a few leaves drying slightly with brown edges, and falling off, both large and small, new leaves especially.

I just read and the only thing I was not doing is the light part. It was located at a window where the plant was getting its light from under a 10 ft. patio overhang and then through a modern window pane and finally, through a 1" venetian blind open to max. light. I just put it in a sunny breakfast nook with tall windows on 3 sides.

Don't have any spider mites.

We bought the plant 6 ft. high at Home Depot one month ago.

Any additional suggestions?

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My Ming just blew its leaves. I think the heatwave had something to do with it.

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