Huge GW Haul

dollydee(7-MS)January 16, 2012

So Friday the 13th isn't so bad after all....95% of items came from what we call "The Barn" which is the GW outlet...glassware there is 25 cents!! Best find of the day was my almost new treadmill for $10..Happy Dance!!! I've lost 15 pounds in a month, but really wanted a treadmill to be able to walk on cold days! Lots of pictures, so I did thumbnails. Ladybug planters need repair, but couldn't pass them up for a quarter!! Any ideas on how to redo the antennas??

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OMG!! What a haul. I wish we had one of those stores here. Maybe it's just as well that we don't. I can hardly walk through my work room now.

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Good grief, did make a 'haul!' I can't see them tiny pics very well so I clicked on them & saw quite a few on PBkt page...those first plain ol' 'bunnies' are just the cutest! Well, you're going to be busy! Have fun! Jeanne S.

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I miss our Goodwill store! It got blown away in the Joplin tornado and hasn't reopened yet, but I understand it will. We lost our Salvation Army store too.

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I can see you will be busy for quite a while! What a load of goodies you carted away. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing.

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What a haul!! Lots of neat stuff to make plate flowers,totems & love the cute lady bugs, guess they are for candles but would be cute with dirt & cactus. We have an outlet store but it looks more like a disaster! I got 1 plate for $1 as they told me they price it when you bring it up to them. I don't like that. Jan

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chevy57red(3/4 MN)

Outstanding haul!! I just love all of the color!! Will be some great projects!!

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That store isn't like the rest, the glassware and electronics are the only things on shelves. Clothes, toys, plastics, shoes, purses and odds & ends are in bins. You have to DIG for goodies! Clothes are sold for $1.45 lb..plastics 10 cents, toys 25-50, shoes $1.25.

When I was picking out peices the other day, a clerk was pulling items off shelf, I asked what happened to them now since they were the outlet, she said they trashed them!!!!!! I gasped to think of all the "Junk" that could've been made with discarded pieces. I doubt they would let me have it, but I may ask anyway to try to keep it out of the landfill.

Sorry the pics are small, I used clickable thumbnails b/c I figured that many pics would take forever to load

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Wow ! Great stuff ! I could use quite a few of those pieces myself, (if I had room !) ---- Laura

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Super WOW......You are gonna be busy and we will be busy waiting on pics of finished items. Have fun

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Marlene Kindred

Holy moly!! You DID make a haul! Love all of your cool stuff...the bunny, the plates, glassware, vases, etc. So many great things! You're a lucky lady for sure...can't wait to see your upcoming projects!

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I also went to photo bucket and looked.
What a great bunch of 'junk'! Things we all love.
I know they trash a lot of donated things (like
lamps that don't work) but we could use for
totems and bird bath stands etc. Don't you hate that!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

What a fabulous haul of colorful fun pieces!
If I was going to rebuild the antenna I would use some easy use 2 part epoxy that I have that is in a kind of green log. You cut off a "slice" the size you want and knead it until the green and white are mixed. Then you can mold it like clay and stick it on to where the antenna goes. Paint when cured.

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nonacook, have you considered letting your goodwill know that you would be interested in taking things like that (broken lamps or whatever you think you can use) off their hands if they would call you before trashing them? couldn't hurt to give them your phone # if they will work out a deal with you. it's better than sending things like that to a landfill. they only do that because they think they can't sell it, but, if they knew someone would take it anyway, maybe they would save it for you. worth a try right? the worst they could do is say no. & if they say sure, it's a win for you, right? what have you got to lose by asking?

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Our goodwill warehouse has never had that much glass EVER! ours is .10 cents a pound,but wow oh wow you have so much!
Have fun with it!

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ernie85017, zn 9, phx

What will you make with all those tea pots?
I looked at some last week, but no inspiration came.

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