Need sugestions for plant display for air conditioned office

tecnicoJuly 18, 2013

hello forum members, i would like your suggestions , comments or advice on this topic; i have some plants to decorate a office that has air condition 68 to 72 dregree temp aprox, i have cast iron, sanseveria ( snake plant ) , pothos and some aglomena ( chinesse evergreen ) . And would like to know if i can pot them all toghther in a type of potted plant display ? or some of the plants dont go well toghter ? , im using these plants as have read they are good for cleaning interior air ( nasa studies ) and have them all ready at hand ; ) . So will they go well toghter or which can i combine of these toghter and which not ? , thanks in advanced : )

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I can tell you all three should be fine in your office as they are listed on about every "easy houseplant" list you can find. however together is a different story. idk about the cast iron plant, but the pothos will want a lot more water than the snake plant...also now seeing there are four lol idk about the last guy either

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sometimes a little bit of information can be worse than none at all.

I suggest you look again at the data from the NASA studies, as simple presence of plants is not enough. Soil surface area and numbers, both total number of pots and number of different species represented influences the results.

Not sure about combining Sanseveria and aglomena. Water preferences, in particular in winter, vary significantly.

And pothos is just a pig when it comes to water, fertility, space. But it's also highly adaptable, and extremely cheap and ubiquitous to replace, so may very well be worth the try.

As far as what can be planted together, look for similarity of water preferences.

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I think that the Sans and the aglaonema would have dramatically different watering preferences... Pothos may take over a pot but it can be pruned easily, so if you are willing to work a little it could be just fine in a pot with the evergreen. Another option is hunting down different cultivars of aglaonema as they come in several colors. Emerald Bay, silver queen and Crete (which is red and green!!), would go well in a pot together. OR peace lillies and Aglaonema. might make good pot-mates. I've not tried that myself but I've been meaning to try it.

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Tecnico.. More important.
Are there windows? If so, which direction?
Or are your plants under artificial lights?

Cast Iron and Sans are succulent. Pothos is semi-tropical, Aglaonema, tropical.

Cast Iron and Sans should do well together. Same with Aglao and Pothos.
Since Aglaos grow upright, you can center the Aglao then pot Pothos in a circular, clockwise/counter-clockwise motion. Toni

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hello Toni :) , there are no windows : / only artificial light ( fluorecent beams on the top of the ceiling , and if combining anglo and pothos toghtere , how many of each plant should i put in the same pot and how big the pot should be and around how much water to use for this combo ?

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Hi Tecnico,

You asked, 'how many of each plant should i put in the same pot?'
How many, of each do you have?

What sizes are Aglaonema and Pothos current containers?
Same with Cast Iron and Sans pots.

To measure for size, place measuring tape from one side of pot rim directly to opposite side. Results equal diameter. Diameter equals pot size.

You'd also need to unpot each plant to size root balls.

Are you considering a certain type of container? For instance, round, square or other?
Also, pot material. Plastic, Clay, etc.

It's not as complicated as it sounds, lol...honestly. Toni

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ok ;) well i have available a 7 inch plastic pot ; the pothos i have them from cuttings 7 of them around 12 inch long each cuttings an the aglomenas are 5 aprox 17 inch tall and a few baby pups around 6 inch, the pot where the old aglos are measures 9 inch diameter

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more pics

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more pics

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more pics

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more pics

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in the pot were the pothos are they are all individual cuttings ( 7 diferent ) and put them togheter because wanted to see the pot fuller : / , and where the anglomenas- chinese evergeen are , they were much more fuller but had them at sun and many of the leaves were burned by the sun : ( and had to prune - trim those leaves and that is what was left after the trim :(

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Hi Tenico,

Question. Why do you want to combine your plants together?

They look great, as is.

Before we continue, please let me know why you want to plant in 1-2 pots. Thanks, Toni

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ok thanks Toni for cheking them ; ) , well the fact is the pic num 3 from the top down ( of the anglomena - evergreen ) , well this plant was very much more fuller and pretty after bringing it home thought it would be a good idea to let her a little sun bath , but aparentlly ; ( , she didnt like it beacause many of its tops leaves were sort of sun burned : ( , and had to trim them because they were all wrinkled and brown : ( , and what you see in that 3 photo is wa is left , the leaves -plant do look ok , but as yo see there is space in the middle that seems empty : ( , so what if i prune the roots of the anglomena and join the plants toghter a bit so they look more fuller : / ????? and the pothos leave her alone in her own pot ? and if so , told you the pothos pot had around 7 individual cuttings in that pot : / , is that to much cuttings toghter ? ??? i used that much to not see the pot so empty with only 1 or 2 cuttings , but dont know if that much cuttings ,( 7 ) toghter will affect the plant later on ?????

and the reason of combining both in one pot was to make them seem fuller , but if its not plant recomended , well could leave them individually apart : ) , so will be waiting your comments, thanks

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Hi Tecnico,

Aw, I see.

That's one problem with Aglaonemas growing in a non-perfect environment. Aglaos require very high humidity, exact amount of light, and fresh air.

Aglaonemas are never as full and compact as they were when first bought home :(

To be honest, your Aglao looks healthy to me, but if you feel different, then add Pothos to the container.
However, if Pothos cuttings are not yet fully-rooted, I'd wait until they are rooted.

Nope, Seven Pothos cuttings in one container is fine. Once roots are fully established, fill pot, just up pot size.
Same applies if you decide to add with aglaonemas.

Tecnico, although some here may disagree, daily misting and weely showering in sink or tub really perks up foliage.
I promise you'll notice a difference.

What did you decide to do w/Sans and Cast Iron Plant?

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ok thanks for your sugestions : ) and with the sans will use it alone seems to look better by itself as seen on some pics over the internet ;) and since all plants will be in air conditioned ( cool room ) around how frequent should i water them ?

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