Hypoestes not doing well.

Moosetrackz(9)July 18, 2011

A few months ago I bought two Hypoestes. I have the white and pink varieties. The white one seems to be doing just fine but the pink is having some issues. Many of its leaves have dried up and fallen off at the bottom and some of the top leaves are curling in a weird way.

Im not sure whats wrong since both plants are getting the same care. I water about once a week and mist them daily. They are in a west facing window and get about 3-4 hours of evening sun and just the pink one is having these problems.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pink leaf curling

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Can you tell if they're both potted in the same media?

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They're both planted in regular miracle grow potting mix.

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Hi Moose. It's been a while since I've had a Hypoestes, but I recall, one color was less fussy than the other. lol.

Although they're both in the same soil, and I assume the same container material, is one a little closer to the window than the other?

Hypoestes love summers outdoors...but not in full sun. They'll burn.

Were they purchased from the same store? Same pot size? Same soil?


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I got them from 2 different Home Depots. The pink one was in a smaller pot and the white one was potted with a ficus in a large pot but I removed the ficus and planted the pink with the white in the big pot.

I put them outside yesterday hoping they would like it better out there. They're in a shady spot so hopefully the pink one will be happier now.

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Do you have pics since you repotted?

The thing about Hypoestes is they love being summered outdoors in shade.
Over-wintering, is a challenge. But with some work, they'll get by.
Since you're in z9, your light conditions probably differ than ours here in IL, z5. Therefore, in order to keep their colors they need more light..which means being closer to a window. I also found pinching the top two leaves necessary.

Ironically, I did the opposite. I once had a tall Ficus, 'gave it to a friend.' It had a braided trunk, and considering pot size, I added pink Hypoestes and Fittonia around the braid. lol.. Toni

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That is funny Toni! :) Im sure your ficus looked awesome.

It was in my window, only about 1 foot from it. It got a few hours of direct light while it was indoors. Now its outside and seems ok so far but its only been out for a few days. hopefully this will help the poor little pink one. When I got them I pinched off a little top section and rooted it in the same pot. Since then a long kinda spindly branch has taken its place. It has tiny leave that are more green then spotty.

Ive attached a picture of it when I first potted them together.

Thank Toni!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hypoestes

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I love the combo..the contrast is striking.
Your pink is doing well.

The little rootling should color when it's a little taller and lighter.

Hopefully, it'll flower. Toni

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The white ones flowered a few times. Tiny purple cuties :)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Moosetrack, I've just gotta say it. Your user name makes me want to go out and get some ice cream every time I see you in the GardenWeb. STOP IT!! :-0

Here is a link that might be useful: Yummm

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Its my favorite ice cream ever! Moose are also my favorite animal. I have so much moose stuff lol.

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Rhizo, Yummm is right. I can go for a large bowl of ice cream about now. Temps are nearing or in the 90's.

Moose, I thought you were going to say, you have moose roaming around your area. lol. they are gorgeous animals. The closest wildlife to moose here are deer. Males deer, w/antlers..Beautiful. They are chickens though. lol. When we come across a male, female and baby/ies deer, dad takes off running for his life, leaving poor mommy and babies to fend for themselves. lol.
You see, I love deer.

Are you worried you'll have problems with your Hypoestes in winter? Toni

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I love moose because they are both majestic and hilarious at the same time lol. Boy deer are wussy but I would be too if I was getting shot at all the time Im sure.

Im thinking Ill probably have to bring in the Hypoestes in winter. It doesnt get too cold here but that plant just seems fragile.

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Moose, I know some here are hunters. I'm not. I even refuse watching shows where people hunt those poor little, beautiful babies.

What's the coldest it gets and how long does it stay cold? Have you ever Googled, Hypoestes hardy zones? Dave's Garden should have information.

I wouldn't take risks either..not with a plant I love. You'd be surprised the number of fragile-looking plants hardiness opposed to plants we'd deem hardy. lol.

Plumeria seems to be cold=hardy..a little wind and it freezes. lol.

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mcgyvr2009i(Schenectady, NY 5b)

***How to succeed with Hypoestes***

Okay, I have to post this because I have a potted hypoestes plant that is COMPLETELY out of control. It won't grow outside in my climate but indoors is the best place to grow it. These plants like high indirect light. When I first bought mine, I was told it loves low light, which is a load of crap. I gave mine low light, and you know what happened? It defoliated and died so fast that I will never ask the seller for information about these plants again. Well, let me tell you the truth. It didn't completely die. I put it in my NNW facing window about 2 weeks after buying the plant and it says "Thank you for placing me in a place where you may or may not regret later on." Boy did I make the correct decision. It recovered so fast that I couldn't keep up. It grew tall to the point where it could hardly stand. Here are some pictures of the situation I'm in:

As you can see here, it's so out of control, I had to weave the stalks together to make room, and moving the plant easier.

Here's a different angle.

These are the suckers that the stalks produced from the base.

This pot used to contain 2 aloe plants. But when this little seedling popped up, I didn't want to disturb it, so I moved the aloe plants since they're stronger.

These are the two aloe plants that I'm talking about. I have no clue about the species, so if someone can help me out there, that would be great.

This one I am willing to leave with my umbrella tree since I have been trying to find a ground cover for a while.

This is the umbrella tree that has the seedling.

It's easy to care for it. Propagating by cutting didn't work for me though, so if you want it to reproduce, look for the seeds and harvest them. Plant them and keep the soil moist. Try not to let the soil dry out. It is a perfect plant for a NNW facing window, so place it there and leave it. Water when the soil surface feels dry. I never fertilize it. So, don't worry about that.

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