Probally my first ID question

teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)July 1, 2013

This unstable plant was givin to me recently and I wish I had a id for it. It has tubular purple flowers if that helps

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Is it purple under the leaves? It could be Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender', thats the only plant I can think of that has purple tube flowers...but it's really hard to tell by the pic.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

That would be my guess also. I keep snapping off the tall parts of mine (which are not at all hard and woody yet) to make new plants. Wanted this plant forever and finally found one in April, so not speaking from much experience at all on this one. Don't recall ever seeing a pic of one with an old, woody trunk like that. Must b quite old if that's what it is!

When you google images, does that look like your plant? The flowers are fairly distinctive, should be the give-away, one way or the other.

I would strongly encourage you to turn on spell check! You're too smart to let these typos sully your persona and distract from your discussions. Smiles!! 'probably' 'sentimental'

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

The ID seems positive with photos on google for the flowers and leaves but this plant does not flwer vigorously. It is also very unstable and tips extremely easily

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