Schefflera cuttings- how big is too big?

kateanne(11)July 25, 2013

I recently moved into a condo complex that is nestled up next to the grounds of a luxury appartment complex. Yesterday I managed to pry open the unused door from my walled in lanai, and found that I am about 18 inches from their back fence and they have been neglecting their landscaping. Aside from some scraggly morning glories that I pulled seeds from (the vines were creeping under the wall, which is what piqued my curiosity in the first place) there were a number of schefflera saplings growing through the fence. They are rooted on the other property but have poked thru the chain link fence and have grown 2-3' against my wall.
So if I cut say 2 feet off can I root the whole trunk? all the googleable info assumes you want a new plant, no help in pilfering the whole thing.

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You're only limited by what's convenient for you. They root very readily, no matter what size.

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