Transplanting Asparagus

mtam0707September 27, 2010

I have recently purchased my own home & my boyfriend & I are preparing our backyard for our garden. We have several raised beds for lettuces, broccolis and such, but we plan on planting an asparagus patch in ground.

Before we moved we had been living with my parents & had transformed their backyard into a vegetable garden. They like it, but they are older & can't keep up with the watering, weeding, etc. They prefer flowers. Earlier this year I had ordered & planted several asparagus crowns & only five took. So now my parents have five asparagus ferns in their backyard that I would be interested in transplanting to my yard. Is this possible?

Since the plants themselves are so new (planted in April) I wasn't sure if disrupting the roots would kill the plant off entirely. Any tips on how to properly transplant asparagus? I should say I am in Southern California & temperature today has hit 107 degrees. It looks like for the next two weeks we are looking at 90+ degree temps, so if I could wait on the transplant until winter/spring, I'd prefer it. Thanks for all your help, guys!

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With them being young...I'd suggest soaking the ground before digging them out...and, making sure I got as many of the roots as possible. Then, soaking the ground where you want them, BEFORE transplanting them.

As for the heat? That's a tough one for me to answer, but...I'm sure someone will come along with just the answer you're looking for.

If it were me, I'd dig 'em ASAP & if need be & cut at least 1/2 of the fern off after getting them transplanted. That way, the energy spent would more than likely be spent re-establishing the root system.

I've grown asparagus for 40 years, but never had luck transplanting it. Then again, I was trying it on well established plants with a massive root system. LOL! Never again.

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Well, I've been reading almost every thread I could find related to asparagus (my mind is on overload!) & after talking to my dad have figured I'm gonna leave 'em where I put 'em! ;)
We will create our own asparagus bed & plant 25 crowns. But after all this reading I am even more confused as to WHEN to plant asparagus. I planted in spring & so far that has worked. Others say they prefer to plant in Autumn & I'd love to try that, but don't want to get crowns if they won't take.
Thank you so much for your advice. Now I know if ever I do want to transplant to get that ground moist & cut some fern too. You guys are the best!

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sandhill_farms(10 NV)

If it were me and I were to try transplanting asparagus I would wait until the ferns died and then cut them flush with the ground and clean-up the area. I would then try and dig as much of the root system up as I could and separate the plants and then re-plant them. There's a number of web sites that explain how to do this, one link is below. Google is your friend...Good luck in your venture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Transplanting Asparagus

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I have a three year old asparagus patch which is yielding wonderful tasting asparagus. 1 planted 12 crowns, in two rows of 6, 4 feet apart. So far nothing is spreading. we are getting one or two every few days (harvested about 30 over the last 2 weeks). Is it an issue of time? Will it increase its'productivity over time? Or can I add new asparagus to an established patch? I love it but need MORE at a time!

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