Speaking about coming unglued ....

a.girl.named.max(4a)January 3, 2012

I'm putting together a glass vase and a glass bowl to make a bird bath. The vase and bowl are made out of very heavy quality glass. They are not painted glass.

I always drill glass whenever possible however the glass pieces on this project are just too large and too thick. (I have the best success with diamond core drill bits and my drill press.)

I've also tried several glues (including the popular GE II) but the pieces for this project end up coming apart. So I need some suggestions.

The final bird bath project will weigh about 6 lbs. and will be about 19 inches high and 19 inches in diameter. (I should have placed a reference object in the photos to show the scale of the project.) I will set the base(vase)over a rebar post in the ground so that it doesn't tip over. I plan on storing the bird bath inside during the winter so freezing won't be an issue.

In the past I have tried many, many glues on various projects and the results are hit and miss. I'm convinced that the substrates are part of the mystery on why some pieces bond and others don't. I also think there are some manufacturing glues that will work and will dry clear but they are expensive, hard to get in small quantities, and they need a UV source for curing.

Although orange is not my favorite color I think the orange bird bath will look great in the new daylily garden I planted last year.

The vase and bowl were Salvation Army finds. The vase cost $1.49 and the bowl cost $3.00.

Any suggestions on how to secure these pieces together?

Any suggestions? It's all so confusing! LOL.

Thanks from a girl named Max.

PS: Sorry the photos are so large. I don't know how to reduce them.

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I don't know the best glue but that is gorgeous and I usually only like orange in pumpkins and goldfish. Be sure to give it a soft landing so it won't break if the glue doesn't hold.

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I'm coming unglued from wanting that so much!!!!lol! Beautiful! I was using some kind of glue on a few totems I did about 6yrs ago and forgot what I used, but they are still going strong...and things I have done in the last year have fallen apart...sheesh!

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This is going to be gorgeous - if you can figure out how to glue it ! --- Laura

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texann(z8 Austin)

My suggestion to make it more secure is to use a third piece of glass between the two. Find a small clear "cup shaped" piece like a candle holder to glue to the bottom of the bowl and then fits like a cap over the top of the vase. I think that would be more secure and not put so much stress on the small glued areas, yet not distract much from the overall look of the piece. The orange will be beautiful among your day lily blooms!

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I agree with texann. I had a birdbath that fell apart with GE silicone. I had glued a piece with a small top to the BB bowl. I was told by an expert that there wasn't enough area to hold the piece to the bowl. Failures with GE have been rare for me. I have a tube of automotive goop that I've used on metal. Maybe you can try that. It dries clear.

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You're probably right. There isn't enough surface for a good bond. Hmmm..

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Beautiful color for a birdbath! I love the bowl shape. I agree with texann about using a bigger surface piece between the two. I've done that many times in building my totems and a few birdbaths. There has to be a bigger glueing surface to keep them from falling apart. As far as glue goes I've been using E6000 for a few years now and everything is still holding together in 110 heat and 28 cold. I know many members feel it doesn't work well but for me it has been perfect and dries clear.

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Beautiful pcs, Max! I guess you've got the answer...needs more surface for a good bond. I've only made a few bird waterers of glass vases & real heavy green glass ashtrays for the top ...GE Silicone II for Doors & Windows is what was recommended & it's lasted for mine...I store it in cold weather in garden shed but out of the elements & it's been outside 3 yrs now. Good luck! Jeanne S.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

How beautifuland perfect forthe daylily garden! Before I even saw the pics,my thoughtws to use an intermediary piece asothers havesaid. Good luck!

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Great suggestion but I can be stubborn. I really don't want to introduce another piece of glass sooo......

1. I think I can finish drilling through the bowl by tackling it from both the bottom and the top.

2. There is no way I'm going to be able to drill through the 3/4 inch glass on the bottom of the vase but I'm going to try drilling a hole as deep as I can.

3. Then I will find something to act as a pin or peg and put that through the the bowl and into the bottom of the vase. I will glue the peg in place and seal around the peg in the bowl portion of the bird bath so that it doesn't leak.

4. Then I'll glue the pieces together again and let the glue cure until Spring.

This is a four handed job so I'll have to wait to work on this project until future hubby has time to help. The hardest part for me will be keeping my hands off the finished piece until I'm absoluting sure the glue has had enough time to cure.

I'll report back in March or April. In the meantime I have lots of other projects to work on.

Thanks for again from a girl named .... Max

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I have this source about glues that might be of help to you.


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