This doesn't look like Monstera to me, ID Help?

iluvbotany4life(Zone 5)July 16, 2010

Several months ago, I ordered some plants online, and one of them I received was labelled as monstera. This plant has grown a lot since then and this is what it looks like now.

In my opinion, this doesn't look like monstera at all. Don't monsteras have broad shiny leaves with holes in them? I'm also concerned that there is only one single stem on this plant that is growing SO long. The pot that it's in isn't that big, so I'm concerned about whether I should repot it or not? Should I cut back the stem any? Is there any way to get the plant to branch more instead of just one looong stem?

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dellis326 (Danny)

Not all monstera's have leaves like that.
It's had to tell from your small photo, I don't know if I'd be able to ID it anyways but others might. A close up of the leaf, Top and bottom, the petiole and where it joins with the stem should help.

You can repot it in a mix of half shredded wood chips or orchid mix with a mix of peat, sphagnum moss and an organic potting mix. you can toss in some aquarium charcoal too if you want. You want a mix that will drain fast and not hold much water.

I wouldn't worry about having one long stem. it should branch as it settles into it's new home but if you want, you can cut it and set the cuttings into the same pot.

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Looks like either Philo 'Congo Rojo,' or Philo 'Bloody Mary.'

Whether Monstera or Philodendron, it needs more light. Leaves should be growing closer, yours has too much stem.

Cuttings are easily rooted. I prefer water. After cuttings root, insert each in the same pot as mom. Your plant will look fuller. Insert a stake/trellis for vines to grow on. Toni

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Can you post a closeup photo of a single leaf blade (both sides)? I have no idea why but many companies call anything with a leaf that looks similar to a juvenile Monstera a Monstera sp. when many are Asia species from other genera.

The internodes between the blades appears to be quite a long distance apart so if you can measure that as well that could help. Another clue can come from the shape of the petiole. Will you take a close look at the stalk that supports a few blades and tell us the shape. It may be round but it can also have a canal or grooves and may even be an odd shape. All these clues help.

No insult to Glasshouse but they are very bad at using incorrect names on aroids and this does appear to be an aroid vine.

By the way, there are currently only 35 accepted species of Monstera in the world and all come from Central and South America. Dr. Tom Croat at the Missouri Botanical Garden is doing a new paper on the genus and the number will likely jump to 50 but most juvenile forms are not documented and this one is definitely a juvenile.


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