Silver colored soil mites

zuchinnoJuly 29, 2010

I have an orchid with a bark potting medium. As it is a phal. I let it drain and dry completely between waterings. However, after I watered it, I was checking the roots and I noticed small shiny silver bugs quickly running around the soil.

Physical Description:

.5mm, grain of sand sized. Teardrop or almond shaped. Very shiny like silver or mother of pearl

Tiny fast-moving white legs that spring forward from the carapace rather than its relatively larger, dragged abdomen.

I've been researching it for several hours I know this:

1. They are not fungus mites, nor are they fungus mite larva. They look nothing like that.

2. They are not silverfish. They are far too small and no, they're not silverfish larva, since the shine is not acquired until the third and final adulthood molt.

3. They're not spider mites. Spider mites are red.

4. They're not aphids. Aphids live and spawn on leaves and stems. These guys are soil dwellers.

5. They're not springtails: they've no springs, don't jump, and springtails aren't shiny.

They don't seem to be hurting my plant and I don't need help getting rid of them so please don't post answers about how to kill them 'cause I won't until I know they're actually doing damage. I just want an i.d.


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THRIPS! They're thrip nymphs! What I saw was definitely the shiny back of a nymph/juvenile adult before they go dark.

Here is a link that might be useful: Look! Thrips!

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