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carteslJuly 1, 2010


I currently have a coleus in a hanging planter. It seems to be doing quite well (and has gotten quite big) but I just wanted to see if anyone knew the proper way to care for this plant. Specifically, it would be helpful to know how long I can expect it to live for, or if I should do anything to it from year to year (i.e., trim it back or transplant it?).


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Generally these are considered annuals, but I've kept one alive for almost 2yrs now and another going on a year.

I find mine like sun, but not direct sun. Their leaves seem to be delicate as wind has just shredded mine, but that's fine as I trim mine back several times a year. Keeps them bushy, and I find it makes the color more vibrant on the new leaves and kinda refeshes the plant. Water when mostly dry. Other than that, I just let them be and they're still around.

Good luck with your plant.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

They're really not meant as indoor plants, can be tough to give them, enough light. (I haven't succeeded w/ them indoors.) It's recommended to pinch them back frequently to keep them full & lush.

If they get leggy (tall & stretched out looking), it means they don't have enough light.

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Shade, and pinch off the purple flowers.

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