Rusty D. Bird

tinfoilhatJanuary 22, 2012

I finished this today and took pictures. I was pretty full of myself till I saw the pictures tonight. I'm not happy with his tail and will probably modify it tomorrow.

40" tall and 41" beak to tail. Made with flywheel, piston connecting rod, rear differential adjusting nut, garden shears, cotton gin saw blades, Kawasaki motorcycle engine mount, rebar, nails, and barbwire.

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Rusty D. Bird looks perfect to me. He is really neat. Good job.


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I like him, looks balanced to me & I think the tail is perfect the way it is! Jan

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He looks like he could take on that boar hanging around!

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I read artist statements. Some say the metal talks to them...
I'm not the only one who hears voices or talks to kitchen appliances. Thursday night the microwave said, "Go for it."
I got up Friday and decided I would try to make a critter from concept to ready to put on Craigslist in one day. I've never tried to sell any of my yard art and if I actually sold one I could brag I was a professional artist which is a kinder and gentler way of saying I'm unemployed.

Day One. - Looked at my junk and decided a bird with a flywheel for body would be fast and easy. Fired up torch and cut the wings. Because I clamped together two paper thin rusty cotton gin saw blades the cut was more erratic than I drew out but the end result was way better looking. Cut the pipe to attach wing and body at an angle to slant wings and point them out at the rear. I tacked pipe to wings and burned thru because of rust and gauge of blades and finally decided to use gas torch to weld holes from stick welding. Fit wing to body and didn't like the look of small tacks and decided it would look better as a solid weld. About that time I saw the torch laying on table move as pressure in hose dropped. The tanks were turned off so I couldn't tell what happened. Climbed up in truck and turned on oxygen and there seemed to be a leak at hose next to regulator. Not a problem I have had new hose in shop for 20+ years and will swap them out. #@&%! It's only 25' and won't reach my welding table. The ends of the old hose are factory crimped threaded ends but I can cut off a few feet and use hose clamps and get back to work. I only have 1 hose clamp that small, can't fix it today. Will have the kid pick one up on his way home from work in the morning and drop it off. End of day I have a flywheel standing between two blocks of wood on table and two wings that I'm not happy with sitting on table. Won't be posting bird on Craigslist today.

Day Two. - The kid drops off a hose clamp and I fix hose and even have couplers to add new hose to old and have even longer reach. Woo-ooh life is good, time to get to work. Go to use welding torch and oxygen is very erratic, I'm constantly adjusting flame. Climb into truck to check tanks and regulators and I can feel a puff of oxygen every once in a while with my hand there. Shut off tank and pressure in hose drops to zero. Regulator is leaking and probably shot. Thing is probable 35 years old. Well I'll just have to start over on wings and cut them with angle grinder. Not as good looking but at least I'm getting something done. Use small diameter rebar to attach wing and the weld is farther back from edge so that gets done. End of day two I have a flywheel standing on table between two blocks of wood with 2 wings attached to it and still no bird to post on Craigslist. Later on that night I have heart palpitations and sticker shock looking at oxygen regulators on internet. Chinese junk at $90 or pay $300+ for something I won't be throwing away in 6 months. I'll be taking apart regulator and looking for parts if they still make them.
If I could find a real day job I wouldn't give it up to make yard art.

Day Three - 3:30 this afternoon the bird is finished but won't fit in horse trough so I can finish rusting it. Will have to keep hosing it down for a week or two to get rust going on bare metal and welds. So nothing to post on Craigslist today either.

At this point I'm thinking of a job at Wal-Mart as a greeter. Does Wal-Mart discriminate against people that wear tinfoil hats?

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Hi, I popped in tonight from mosaics forum to see what you all are creating and here is tinfoilhat, in my state of AZ, making more great art. I have to wonder if there isn't a tourist place somewhere near you where you coulc sell them. And don't sell them cheap!
I like the bird. I had chickens and he reminds me a little of a rooster.

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Goes to show ya that the life of an 'artist' is never boring! Rusty D Bird did not come into this world easily ... he is an original & therefore, worth the price you paid! I'd make his tail 'heavier,' too ...his 'crest' looks pretty cool tho! I think he is a handsome dude! JMHO! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred are a hoot!! Your luck sounds just like my DH's and ALWAYS takes at least twice as long to do anything...your welder adventures sound all too familiar to me. I love Rusty D. Bird! He looks awesome and certainly should sell. I do understand your wanting to change his tail. From an "artist" point of view, the tail is a bit too light for the rest of his body, but I really like the barbed wire in it. Maybe you could combine it with something else? Dunno.

Greeter at Walmart? Are you kidding me? You should be a stand up comedian if you decide not to be an metal sculptor or artist!

Great job~

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I love him. The wings are awesome. He looks ready to run away.
I think youd' better keep being an artist.

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bigack(z6 WV)

I love him too! How about some metal tines from a grass rake for tail?

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I wish he'd fly to my yard !

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I modified his tail with a fan shaped piece and added more barbwire. I'm full of myself once again and like the shadow he casts.

Now I don't want to sell him.

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Marlene Kindred

Oh you're talkin'! I wouldn't sell him...he's awesome!

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Wow! I love the SHADOW, too! Keep him! After all, he was an expensive 'birth' when he came into this world! ;-) Jeanne S.

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Good job, he looks better! I have 2 names for my place: Camp Calamity or Ranchero kinda goes with my artistic style too! Glad I'm not me a AZ brother from another mother!

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