Help with my Pachira!

VanillaTeaJuly 27, 2013

I have a three year old Pachira tree. (Money tree.) Up until recently he's been doing perfectly. I can't remember him loosing any leaves, or even drooping.

When I watered him today I noticed that the pot he was growing in was too small. I never moved him from the plastic one he came in.(Which seemed to be an okay size. I know, I know. That was a mistake on my part.) I felt that the roots were pressing up against the sides, and HARD. The shape was more of an oval, and I had to cut the pot to get my poor plant out. I placed him in a pot that is probably too big, but it is the best I can do for now. Should I place him a smaller one, or is a large pot okay? I've heard that they like small pots, but that a larger pot won't have any effect.

So, my problem here is that he has some discoloration on his stem. A little on the others, but mostly on the one seen in the picture. He also has a bit of yellow in two leaves, and a teeny bit on a couple more, but I don't think it's a big deal since they have been that was for a while now, and haven't gotten worse.

When I re-potted him the roots looked fine. Firm, not soggy, or browning. In fact, I think they looked great! The stem is firm everywhere, so it doesn't seem to be rotting. (I hope!) That's why I'm confused as to why my plant seems to be having a little trouble.

I keep him in indirect sunlight and in partial shade, close to my windowsill. It doesn't get to hot or dry, so I think the climate is okay. I water him when the top of the soil gets dry to the touch/sight and if there is little or practically no moisture in the center.

Am I over watering or underwatering, and why is the stem like this? Was it the small pot? Thank you so much in advance! (:

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Think you've got the wrong photo. Does not look like a pachira. Sounds like you're doing everything right though and hopefully it's just under stress from repotting.

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That looks like a ZZ Plant to me. If that's what it is, some of their "stems" do have "stripes" on them; perhaps that's what you're seeing. Nothing to be concerned about (if your plant is a ZZ Plant).

I have two "stems" on my ZZ Plant whose leaves yellow edges, but whatever the yellow is, it hasn't spread (the leaves yellowed just a little bit and have since stopped). One of the stems has had yellow on the leaves for almost a year now!

Don't be sad if one stem yellows completely and dies, the leaves will usually yellow completely and fall off before the stem dies; nothing lives forever (it's not unusual for a ZZ Plant to lose a stem every once in a blue moon). Now if you notice multiple stems turning yellow, that would be cause for concern.


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Hmm. I got it at a chain grocery store that sells plants. All of them were labeled as Money Trees. I was wondering why they didn't look much like them! Thank you. (:

Edit: Do I need to remove any of the yellow leaves/plants/stems?

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Can you take a pic of the whole plant? And this is a what my money tree looks like I grew these from cutting off pieces of stem w/leaves attached and keep it in a small pot. The big pots seem to hold to much water and I started keeping mine on the dry side: Gritty mix which these plants love a lot

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My ZZ plant which when I bought it from lowes & repotted it same day couple days later it yellowed badly but then it stopped. And this pic was some time after I bought it, it's a lot TALLER now, so transplant shock can take up to a 2wks, 1 month or more in some cases for plant to adjust. I keep my house AC day 75 and night 73 summer here in Maryland and we have dry air. But this plan loves it dry as I water or 1-2x a month an the waterfall is supplemental light as its in our foyer where front door window sun comes in as well. Hope these pics help identify your plant :)

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Yeah, it's definitely a ZZ. And it started to yellow prior to me repotting it. I think I'll try watering it less and see how it goes. The yellowing just worries me!
(The lighting makes it seem much more yellow than it is. I just had a look at him and he looks much better. Not sure what happened. I did give the leaves a quick mist.)

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Yea dry keeping it dry since the bulbs stores all the water it'll need and your doing all the right things :) awww I remember when my ZZ was cute an small like that :) there so cute small

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