Some of my recent acquisitions (photo heavy)

markparsons435(6b)July 2, 2013

Slowly but surely rebuilding my house plants after my divorce -- You will have to ignore some of the "notes" of added to a few - just easier for me to remember what to do
(They keep showing up sideways even though they are the correct orientation in photobucket and I got frustrated trying to fix it lol)

Monstera freidrichstalii (sold to me with that name - regardless, it was the plant I wanted)

The next 3 are Sansevieria I got on clearance

Ribbon Plant
Homalocaladiym platycladium

Queen's Tears
Bilbergia nutans

Silver Squill
Scilla violacea

Pregnant Onion
Ornithogalum caudatum

Kalanchoe Pink Butterflies

And just for the heck of it, even though it's not a house plant, it will have to come in over the winter, a picture of the stem of my Sauromatum Venosum because I think the stem looks really cool

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And, if you click on them, they are right side up! (at least to me) aggravating

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I can never ever ever find Sans varieties on clearance or otherwise, unless they are "futura" or "laurentii". I'm jealous.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

A respectable and lovely collection, though it sounds like you're not finished acquiring.

You didn't mention the cute little jade - a gollum? Maybe because it's not new?

Callisia fragrans looks great, BTW. Love the Philo I spotted in one of the pics too. Prince of orange? Just a baby but it does look kind of orange. Would love to hear/see more about the Begonia (if I'm ID'ing a leaf correctly, next to one of the Sans.)

It's not your fault the pics are sideways. It's something to do with using non-computer devices, AFAIK. Does that apply to you (your pics?)

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purpleinpop - The jade is fairly new .. I got it in a trade last month.. the person wasn't sure if it was gullom or hobbit (I think that was the other option) and I don't know a thing about jades so I'm just letting it hang out and see what happens. Yes, that's a Prince of Orange. I've been wanting a Pink Princess but no luck so far.

That particular callisia is from my grandmother's house. They didn't know what it was. They have it planted in a plastic dollar store bucket and just take it in and out throughout the years. I cut off those pieces to bring home (without knowing what it was) so I just stuck it in water til I figured it out lol ... Then, I was told it was a callisia. It doesn't look like my other one :) (my other callisia is growing beautifully outside under a tree btw) - Then it was pointed out in a post that it's the same plant so it will get potted up soon.

The Begonia -- That came from my grandmother's house. She has it planted outside under the hostas. Never touches it. Leaves it out year round. It comes back and spreads year after year. I got a few pieces when I was there a couple weeks ago. My aunt who is still living there had no idea what it is, just that it spreads. So I don't know much about it other than it is old lol. I brought it in to see if I could grow it indoors and I still have some in a pot outside. I haven't planted it yet to see what it will do.

Here's a picture of it

As for the pictures - I took them with my iphone, transferred them to my computer, then uploaded to photobucket .. so I don't know

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Yes, iphone has been mentioned specifically in other discussions about sideways pics.

Oh wow, that Begonia is fascinating, as well as beautiful! The bright red nodes are really cool. I didn't know there were any hardy to Z6 (but that doesn't mean much. There's waaaaaaaaaaay too many Begonias for me to attempt to "learn" them.) You may get more info about it on Begonia forum, if you are curious also. I think it's a cane but you'd want someone with more experience to confirm that.

Have you been able to experience the Callisia fragrans flowers by visiting gramma's plant?

For a specialty Philo like PP, you'll probably find it at a mom'n'pop. The BBS's rarely have anything so interesting. Wish the little one I recently got was big enough to offer a cutting.

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Hey Mark,
What a nice collection.
Monstera friedrichsthalii is the correct name. Love the way it's growing. Great splits.

Your Sans are fantastic looking. Although all are beautiful, colors on pic 1 are amazing. I've never seen a Sans, swirl green and yellow.

Good luck with Queen's Tears. Hope you get it to bloom. Have you ever seen a QT's in bloom? They're so different from other Bromiliads. Flowers weep.

Regarding your Sauromatum, 'voodoo bulb,' pic..How in the world did you get the background to resemble a b&w photo, yet the plant is in color? lol.

Speaking of Sauromatum...did it have flowers or leaves when purchased?
I have an ancient Sauromatum. When I bought the bulb, the nursery sent instructions. The instructions say voodoo bulbs can be placed on a windowsill, w/o soil. A flower is supposed to bloom before foliage sprouts. However, my plant never once bloomed. It's in soil..I didn't have the nerve to place on a sill w/o soil. It goes dormant during winter, then leaves sprout mid-spring.
Were you informed of its care?

Purple, you must have 20/20 vision. lol. I didn't see the Begonia, even after browsing Mark's pics a second time.

Mark, speaking of Begonias, I too am surprised it's hardy in z6. I didn't think Begonias were hardy in z7, but since you're z6b, maybe your temps are closer to z7??

Very nice collection. Toni

PS: What does photo heavy mean? :)

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Hey Toni -- by Photo Heavy I just meant there were several pictures in case someone had a slow connection they may not wanna open it up bc it may take a while to load .. I think I am still in the habit of saying that from the dial up days haha

I got the bamboo thing the monstera is on from Lowes.. it was in the orchids and was supposed to be a "kit" but all the kits were opened and everything was strung all about .. when I showed them this and asked how much for just the support, they gave it to me ..SCORE!

The only pictures I've seen of the Queen's Tears in bloom are on the internet - I'll just cross my fingers that it will bloom one day.

The Sauromatum - I got it in a trade as a bonus .. I can email you the instructions that were sent to me with them.. I got them as bulbs so it didn't have anything .. so when I saw that spotted stem I was thrilled.. (I know, small things amaze me lol) --- for the picture, I used photoshop, traced around the plant, selected "copy" then turned the whole picture black and white then "Pasted" the color part back on to the picture and lined them up :)

I don't know anything about that begonia .. I need to try and get it identified - and probably get it in the ground before I kill it ..

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Morning Mark,

Oh yes, I remember dial-up days..Can you imagine having dial-up @ 56k, trying to open one photo, let alone 40! lol.

You got Monstera and trellis free? Wow, you really scored, big time.

I've got to see Queen's Tears bloom once, at Botanical Gardens..Weeping flowers weren't fully developed, but what a sight.
Otherwise, like you, the only time I've seen them in bloom were in catalogs and online pics.

Sheesh, I don't know how to use Photo Shop, let alone all the work you did.
I love the photo's unique, novel.
Ever see the movie, 'Pleasantville?' The movie starts out in b&w, then as time progresses, small parts change to color..near the end of the movie, it's 100% color.
Your picture reminds me of that movie. Pleasantville came to mind as soon as I saw your photo.

Wish I could help ID your Begonia, but there's way too many varieties.
It's beautiful, so when you have time, plant in-ground. Since your Begonia is potted, it should be fine. Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Toni, Pleasantville is one of my fav movies!

Mark, how's things going?

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