Colors and stuff for garden projects.

tehutiJanuary 27, 2011

About the colors: over the last few years I experimented with everything from cement additives to water colors. I tried all those colorants that others say, "you can't use that on cement". My conclusions: use what ever you think will work. Sometimes I paint with one color of a water-based acrylic when dry I apply a second color and sand it off to keep the "webbing" and or cracks. I use wood stain, shoe polish, candle wax, polyurethane, but my favorite is a transparent stain made by Krylon. It is so important to me because it goes on as a transparent brown that blends into many of the other colors. I am sure most this would not stay "in-tact" if exposed to harsh weather but I like to think of them as art. They do look good in a sheltered area or on a covered patio and if they fade or peel I'll just brush them off and re-apply the finish, In the end it doesn't matter as long as we can enjoy the creation process. Just remember to leave one surface unfinished so the cement can breathe.

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Thanks for the info Robert! I have some plans to make some concrete leaves and will wanna paint them....

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Thanks for the info! I've done a bit of experimenting with the acrylic paints, wood stains and additives too, but I haven't been real happy with the results so far. Most likely a result of my technique than the fault of the products used : ) Ah well, experimenting is fun, even if things don't turn out quite as I intended. The shoe polish sounds intriguing, and I'm going to have a look for that Krylon stain you mentioned, and definitely some polyurethane for the shine!
Thanks again for sharing!

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Hey Sheryll Boy, oh boy did I have a difficult time locating that Krylon (Crystal-Color, Satin, Woodland Brown, Indoor Semi-Transparent -#51298) when my can became empty. Not at Lowe's, Home Depot, or Ace Hardware (locally). I finally located an on-line store that had it and purchased 12 cans. It was a little costly doing it that way but I really love that product. I hope you can find it in your area.

As far as technique is concerned mine is very simple: try anything that is not dangerous to health, if it doesn't come out the way you want it: try something else.


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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I have used regular spray paint as well as house paint on concrete and sometimes it lasts for years out doors. I like your attitude, Robert! I agree, just brush it off and try again if/when the finish goes. sometimes the damaged finished is quite intriguing too, like an antique.

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