boosting my aloe vera

vaherbmomJuly 6, 2013

My aloe veras don't grow well--they stay tiny. What am I doing wrong? My other houseplants seem ok.

thanks so much

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how big of a pot are they in, what mix are they planted in, how much light and water do they get and what (if anything) have you fed them?

This is how I'm growing mine, maybe that'll be helpful.

My aloe is in a relatively small pot at 7.5 inches across and five inches deep. It's in plain old miraclegro. My house is usually a tad on the cold side and there is very low humidity, though every now and then it spends two or three days in my bathroom which gets very, very steamy. It's in bright indirect light, a southern exposure. I hardly ever fertilize it, maybe every three months, but when i do i use a liquid feed called growbest. i think it's an 8-8-8, and it has a decent amount of micronutrients. in between fertilizing I give it a bit of epsom salt in water (perhaps once a month or less) to green it up. I got it when it was about three inches tall and I've had it less than a year. it's about eight inches tall now and has had two babies.

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I've had it in this small pot for years. I used to have really robust ones, a long time ago. I neglected them and then this is all I have left. I did used to keep them in my bathroom.

I will try to follow your method--will change the soil tomorrow. It is in a south facing window on a stand. I rarely feed it but will do so now and try the Epsom salt too.

Thanks so much!

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