Spider Plant Questions

abigail1280(8)July 14, 2011

Back in April, I replanted my Hawaiian Spider Plant and put it outside on my screened in porch. Since then, it's sorta gone crazy, and I'm wondering if I should repot it again, or wait.

This was it in April, the one in the green pot:

This is it now, the plant in the same green pot, in the front: (My pug, Miss Abby stepped in at the last moment)

Its just sorta falling over in the pot:

The pretty flowers that have bloomed in the last few days:

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It doesn't appear to me as if it would be in need of repotting at all. Especially since it was stepped up just this past April. I wouldn't repot until I saw roots at the top of the soil.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I agree. And you could gradually move it into more sun.

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Abi..I agree and disagree with the above posters. :)

What size are the pots?

Reasons not to repot.

When a Spider is semi-rootbound, off-shoots produce more and faster.
If you tend to over-water, well, you know what happens, root rot.

Reasons to repot.

Roots of a Spider are quite thick..so thick, a few of mine cracked containers.
If you tend to under-water, soil can get so dry, leaves brown/die.

One thing about Spiders, unlike most plants that are said to be repotted (only) in spring, Spiders can be repotted throughout the year. Most of my Spiders produce off-shoots late fall to winter..I don't know if Spiders go dormant. Seems they grow throughout the seasons. Foliage included.

How many days/weeks does soil take to dry? If it dries daily, to the point you have to water every day, then I'd repot. If soil stays wet 5-6 days or more, 'considering pot size, looks 4-5"' then wait. And/or, use a well-draining soil.

It's impossible guessing the size of a pot through pictures. Especially closeups.

PS: If the rootball doesn't fill the pot, it's best to wait. Toni

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Ok, thanks! I will wait to repot. I'm going to try to find a way to hang it I think. I can't remember what size pot it's in .. 4-5" sounds about right though. It's not very big. And it gets watered about once a week or so

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