Dishes for Dish Flowers

kirkus(5a)February 3, 2008

My wife Carol and I have been looking for dishes to make dish flowers for our gardens. You might remember a post about dish flowers where we were inspired to make them! I'll post the link below.

We have the BEST thrift store in the small town near us...everything at garage sale prices! We braved the roads today because the shop was having a 50 percent off sale for everything in the store! We were like kids in a candy shop!

We bought these dishes for a total cost of $2.75!!! Aren't they cool? (The colored dishes are more translucent than they appear in the pictures.) I'll post pictures once we have the flowers made! Since we're cooped up inside because of the SNOW, we'll probably have our dish flowers made in no time! LOL

Bear Hugs! Kirk

Here is a link that might be useful: Dish Flower Posting

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I have been wanting to make one of those but have to go out to buy the "stem" and flange. I think I have some nice plates, bowls and candle holders that would work very well. The ones you have set up look very pretty. I hope it won't be long before we will be able to see them in your garden!

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pesky1(7, Pacific NW)

I'm anxious to see how they come together. I never had any luck, whatsoever getting glue to stick glass to a copper fitting. The Sil II never worked. GOOP did, but the copper elbows didn't have enough 'edge' to glue to.

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mzclassic(z9 FL)

Wow, you and Carol got a real deal! Can't wait to see the finished product. And please tell us how you attach everything.

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Pictures, you must post pictures when you're done! And if you still umpty hundred feet of snow then, I'm hoping to see some glass snow flowers.
These are going to be gorgeous I just know it!

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Just when I think I've caught up, someone always comes up with another great idea!
I missed these the first time around, and I LOVE these!!

thanks for sharing, and GREAT find on the 'sale' glass!!!


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You two found some really beautiful dishes! They'll make awesome flowers! Are you going stir crazy yet? It must have felt sooo good to finally get out! I can't wait to see pictures of these, and maybe you can refresh my memory on how you make them? I'm too lazy to do a search right now!!

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use2bcapecodr(z5 OH)

Very pretty!!

How are you going to attach them to the pipe?

I'm dying to make some!

I'm glad you and Carol got a break from being cooped up all this time...and got some bargains to boot!


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Wow! Great glass for flowers...looks like fun for you both! Glad you were able to get out and about. Jeanne S.

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Those are gorgeous,can't wait to see them made up.

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Bright199(foothills NC)

Wow is right! I love the bigger pink and blue ones.... You two amaze me the way you get your projects completed. So talented. Can't wait to see them completed.

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Thank you for the nice comments. I ALWAYS appreciate your encouraging words! I love how the pieces look and that Carol and I found the different pieces together. I would find one piece and she would find another and then we would see how they looked together! Carol has since found some stained glass gems to put in the middle of some of the flowers. Too cool! I'll post a picture when we're done!

We used GEII a few nights ago and the pieces are holding up well. We used a copper flange on each piece along with an elbow fitting. They're holding tight!

I can't wait to post a picture of the completed flowers in our gardens! It will probably be awhile as we received 5 more inches of snow last night and 5 more inches the day before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Those are great, Kirk. They are going to make wonderful flowers. I sure would like to visit that thrift store, it sounds like a good place to shop.

More snow, huh? That is not good news, and especially with you out driving around in it. Stay safe, and have fun making your new flowers!

hugs, Karen

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craftyjanjan(Z-8 La)

Wow! I would like to go to your thrift store. I can't wait to see the flowers finished. They will be beautiful.

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Hi Kirk,
I was reading through this post. In reading Pesky's comment about the copper elbow gluing to the dish--I've had that same problem. Then I thought, aha, a flange is the answer. Well now, you and Carol beat me to my thought! :-) Your dishes that you found are wonderful! I've found two of those same dishes too....I had attempted one of those flowers but I had my FIL cut the edge of a copper pipe to slip the edge of the flpwer in. It's not really secure, plus it would be easy to snap the edge of the I'll have to pull this craft out again and try try again....Thanks for revisiting the inspiration and inspiring us all the more!
Have fun with all that snow!
Love, Jules

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pesky1(7, Pacific NW)

I just cannot get my head around a flange! Do either of you have a photo of it? I've tried all kinds of copper fittings but I've never seen anything with an edge that you can glue.

Am I looking in the wrong place?? I'd sure appreciate your help!

I have been drowning here! It's so wet and muddy and I've been on vacation this week, I'd intended to do some yard clean up so I could get ready to make my new garden junk, but it's just too wet

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I have made dish flowers using a drill press to drill through the glass and connecting all the dishes with a screw, a nut, and/or a drawer pull for the middle of the flower. I put the screw through a 1/2 in. cut piece of copper pipe with a hole drilled in at the top of it and then the dishes go unto the screw.You either place a nut at the back of the copper piece or put a drawer pull in the middle of the glass flower on the front side. Another way to do all this without drilling is to find a glass candy dish or dishes that are made with a metal handle in the middle of them. Just remove athe nut,take out the handle and you already have a predrilled hole.

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adina72(z5 CNY)

Funny you should bring this up again. I have been collecting glass for this project every since your first post. Most of the glass I have found has been luck finding pretty colors in the right shapes like you have. I want to use PVC or plastic conduit as it will be cheaper, but I haven't had a chance to get to Lowes to check out the fittings yet to see what would work for gluing. I don't want to drill anything if I can help it. ;)

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Pesky, Try looking in the plumbing section of your hardware store. It is round and in the center is a place to screw in a pipe that is threaded on the end. I'm thinking the flange would be the part that you would glue to the back of the "flower". I used some to make legs on a desk made out of a wooden crate. Ok, now that I'm talking about it I better start looking for components to make my own garden art flower! I googled up flange and found a picture that may help with the visual. The one that I had used was HUGE for what I needed and weighed a bunch. But, my thoughts are that they probably have them smaller and made of lighter materials.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, Jules

Here is a link that might be useful:

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that green dish in upper left. already looks like a flower.
if snowbound. there's still lots to do. address christmas cards. it'll be here again soon.

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Thanks for the photo of the flange- I had no idea what it was either.

I siliconed my flowers this morning.
I was thinking of a different way to display them- multiple flowers attached to a wrought iron something or other that has yet to be discovered.

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jiju(zone 4)

Love your glass flower idea! Can't wait to try my hand at it. Also I now how you feel about snow. we are getting hammered with it here in the Upper peninsula of Michigan!

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S T O P and A D M I R E the~ ~ ~ * * * R O S E S !!!!
Little ones..... B I G ONES>>>>>
Simply A D O R A B L E !!!!!!!
Once again.... the "Darling DUO has Dazzled Us with
their Delightful Art work !!!!!!"
Thanks Kids....
They are just Precious.....
Just Sparkling..... like the Two of YOU !!!!!
Thank you for the Pics!!!!
and Thank you for the IDeas.....
Guess * * * * ALL that Snow did Not Freeze your
creatavity ......
and every time....
you give the Weather at your place....
I can see that shorty after that....
whats left of the snow storm.... arrives here in
Illinois... and
gives me that cardiovascular work out....SHOVELING SNOW!!
Thanks for everything....
the Flowers... the instuctions... and the Weather report!!!! tee hee.....
Glad you guys had such a fun shopping trip...
and gluing session....

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Can't wait to see the pictures!! the plates are really perfect for flowers!

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

When I made my plastic one for the GSs corner, I used an olive bottle and glued it to the back of the larger plate. It was a bit larger than my post so I put some foam or bubble wrap around it and put the flower on. That kept it sturdy in the wind. I am sure there are smaller bottles that can be glued to the back. Even a vase. You just make sure that your post will fit into the container. You could glue it to pvc pipe and put that over rebar or whatever post you use. Like the one lady who left her post in the garden year round and just took off the top.

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Your plates are amazing... I've been saving up dishes for a totem.. I now have even more projects to do w/the extra pieces...

Pesky - I think you could also use a copper pipe end cap. I heard some crafters use it to glue to the bottom of their cup/saucer bird feeder to attach it to the copper pole.

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