varigated peace lily

maidinmontanaJuly 5, 2007

I am fully aware that the peace lily subject has been gone over and over and over, but I missed it if there was a discussion on this question. I was having problems with my huge peace lily, checked here and got a lot of really good advice and I am happy to announce it has fully recovered and is doing well. My son brought me his peace lily to try to lend some help to since he saw mine was doing much better. I have done most of the same things to his as I was instructed too do with mine. But I am wondering if they actually do require the same care and do's/don'ts as the solid green ones. Or if there is someting special I should be doing to help it mend better. TIA to any and all.

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I treat the variegated peace lily the same as the all green one, maybe a little bit more light to help keep the varigation bright.

Billy Rae

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I feel the same as Billy Rae..a bit more light for the variegated..
What's wrong with your son's PL? Toni

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Mentha(9 CA)

They also need a bit more moisture besides the light. I've also found that spider mites prefer the crinckled leaves over the smooth leaves of the green, so keep an eye on that also.

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