Carpet protecter mat

soxxxxFebruary 25, 2011

Has anyone repurposed a clear plastic carpet protector that is made to go under a rolling chair at a desk or computer table? I need suggestions.

A sharp edged hole formed in the middle of mine that I was afraid might cut my feet.

I tried to cut it down to a smaller size with tin shears, and a linoleum knife. It was too tough for both tools. Maybe a skill saw would cut it. I found out that the back side sticks you like a hundred tacks.

I have replaced it, but wonder how to get just a little more life out of such a tough item. I thought of putting it under a bird bath and covering it with rocks to control weeds.

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Hey soxxxx, I gave up. Something I hate to do but I drew a blank and after getting stabbed a couple of times it went bye-bye. Never though to ask up here so I will be very interested in the replies.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I never thought about it before, but critter control?
If they could be cut up it sounds like pieces could be placed upside down in key spots to keep kitty cats from digging in the garden. I have kitties and don't have too much trouble but I have heard others complain. Larger pieces could be buried upright where woodchucks have been trying to dig under the fence. The only problem, other than how to cut it up, is that picky side may be dangerous to humans too!

Another thought is in the bottom of a raised bed where you want to keep maple or other tree roots out. Those darn maple roots get into everything. It would have to be for annual plants - kind of like a giant planter, and have drainage directed out the sides or something.

Being able to cut it would be important for most ideas I have: water proof a bird house roof for example. I'm intrigued by how durable they are. I wonder how they last outside in the weather? Could they be incorporated into a cold frame? I guess they kind of yellow over time so maybe not the best. Wind protection for the veggie garden?
I have an extra one at work that someone left in an office. Now I'm totally intrigued.

Here are suggestions from a recycling database on the web (there's not much and they don't say how to cut them):

Carpet Protectors (Plastic)
Cut to the desired size and use as a boot tray.
Keep on the floor in front of the back seat of the van to keep snow/mud off of the carpet.
Use as a drop cloth.
I'm hoping someone here has already used them. I think I may have broken a piece off one once by bending it (by mistake).

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I think that the suggestion to place it around plants to keep critters from digging is a good idea. It would be doubley useful due to the thickness and the tacks. And would also surpress weed growth. It could be disguised with mulch.

Now to find a way to cut it. I am going to take it to a friend who has a table saw. I am going to draw out how I want sections cut with a marker.

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Could you cut it the same way you cut glass? Scoring it on one side then breaking it along the score? It might help to use a board to help guide the break.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

That's a good idea sweet. I feel a bit worried about the table saw idea. But I suppose if it won't work they will figure it out pretty quickly.

I thought of another use. To make little decorative houses for the garden, if it will indeed last out side (and if you can glue things to it! or paint it). I have collected some corrugated plastic to try to make houses similar to the ones I saw at the botanical garden in New Orleans a few years ago. I'm wonderingif the chair mats are a possible material too. By the way a lot of corrugated plastic signs get thrown away, especially after an election so its worth keeping your eye out!

Here are some of my many photos of the art pieces.

And here's a couple calmer ones of the houses for the model railroad also at the Nawlins Botanical Garden.


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I think it would work well under birdbath with mulch over it. I would be careful cutting it with a power saw as plastics can give off toxic fumes especially when heated so would do it in very well ventilated area. Older man at church had over an acre of land & as he aged it got more work so he went around & picked up old carpet that people were throwing out & turned it carpet side to ground & used it for weed control. it worked very well. Didn't look great but his property was rather hidden so no one to complain & it keep the weeds at bay. So these things would be good weed control if lightly mulched as sun might rot it out fast(or not) would have to experiment! Jan

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What about using it as a mini cloche or cover for tender plants, bend it like a tunnel....

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I like the row cover idea calamity.
I might bring mine home from work and try it in the garden once the snow goes away. I'm trying to imagine what I might wedge it against to keep it in tunnel shape.

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It is possible to cut it with the table saw. It made lots of snowy looking particles. It did not affect the saw blade with any residue. I wore safety glasses. I turned it with the "tacks" up so not to catch on anything.

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