Purslane indoors?

amccourJuly 22, 2008

I noticed this growing around the base of the japanese umbrella pine awhile back and let it grow for awhile before taking a cutting. Anyway, the original plant got too big and I potted it too.

I know it's a weed but I think it's a really awesome looking plant. Kinda like a jade plant, in a way. I was wondering, though, if there was any way go overwinter it, or keep it going for more than a single growing season.

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karen715(z5 IL)

It is kind of cool, isn't it? I have a small outdoor succulent garden (hardy sedums and sempervivums) and when some purslane (Portulaca olearacea) showed up one year, I let it stay, because it seemed to fit right in.

Unfortunately for your purposes, I'm pretty sure it is a true annual.

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countrykitty(zn 6 SW KY)

You ought to give it a try! And be sure to gather some of the tiny black seeds that appear in capsules where the blooms were so you can reseed them next spring.

BTW, purslane is edible and nutritious--high in vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids.

Here's a link:


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txcactus(7b Dallas/Fort Worth)

I have 3 pots of purslane. The first winter I let it die and it came back from seed the following spring (when the weather got real warm). This past winter, I brought it in when the weather was too cold (below 40 degrees). I'm having trouble with scale insects attacking it this summer. I'm not sure that it will last another winter. They are generally thought to be annuals. I live in the D/FW area and we usually don't have long stretches of cold weather. I agree that you should give it a try!

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Well, the two plants I had potted are behaving interestingly. The first one, which was a cutting of the second (before I pulled it up and potted it), flowered, seeded, and it's got one leafless, deadish stem, and another stem that's doing alright, and some seedling growing in the little pot it's in.

Plant 2's gotten incredibly leggy (which I don't mind. It looks neat, here. It's mat-like, but also a little bit upright and looks rather alien. Also it's got a strangely woody looking main stem on it. The largest branch is about as wide as my pinky.) and most of the leaves are smaller, but it doesn't seem to be dying back after going to seed. Not all of the seed pods have ripened yet, but it's been putting out seeds since... late July, I think. We'll see how this goes. Also, the container it's in should've caught enough seeds that if the parent plant dies, I should get some new sprouts.

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You can in fact grow purslane indoors. It can be fun. It's not too difficult either. Just remember to put the seeds in the fridge before planting.

Here is a link that might be useful: How To Grow Purslane Indoors

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Purslane is yummy! Kind of tart & juicy - tasty in salad.

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Can u brace purslane

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