Painting Rain Barrels & Bowling Balls

bookjunky4life(5 Central IL)February 27, 2013

I've done some searching on how to paint one of the food-grade blue 55 gallon plasic barrels, which basically all say to use spray paint made to adhere to plastic. Last year, I washed my barrel with water and painted it with a spray paint made for plastic, the kind that doesn't require a plastic primer. However, the spray paint scrapes and chips off very easily. How do I prep the surface so that the paint will not scrape off later?

Also, iI have a few bowling balls to paint. Remind me of how to prep the surface and what kind of paint to use on those too. Thanks.

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I've found when painting plastic - first rough up the surface a bit with a piece of fine grain sand paper. After cleaning well with water, try rubbing with some rubbing alcohol - that helps if there is any greasy residue.

But even with all that, the paint only lasts me a couple years. I usually touch it all up in the spring.

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bookjunky4life(5 Central IL)

After a couple of years, does your paint tend to flake off or scrape off from contact with sharb or abrasive objects? Do you just paint over the spots that you touch up or reprep the surface with alcohol and sand paper?

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Off original topic, sort of, but I bought Looking glass spray paint and going to try one on a bowling ball!

finally found it at hobby lobby- small can, used 40% off coupon. BIG splurge for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: looking glass paint

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To respray - I just wash and dry. If it looks real dirty, I'll use the alcohol. Then I just respray the areas that have chipped/scraped.

My paint doesn't peel. It's more like it has come off from abrasion or things scraping against it.

One thing - make sure the plastic is real dry before you paint. I'll often wash one day, and paint the next. And I make sure it's a warm sunny day.

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bookjunky4life(5 Central IL)

I looked up Looking Glass paint. Description says it only works on glass?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

i just used "Fusion on a 30 year old plastic table . Topped that with a clearcoat Supposedly this will make it more resistant to abrasion.. gary

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For those of you who have not seen any painted barrels, go to google and put in 'painted rain barrels'. There are several pages of fancy painted barrels. Fun to look at! Clicking on some of them gave info on the instructions. Some say use vinegar to wipe them down, others say an ammonia-base wipe. And to sand.They also mention several types of paints to use.
I have had so much rain last year and this, that I don't NEED one!

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I am frustrated too with fusion painting some plastic lattis panels, it all chipped off and looks so ugly(white)grrr, but I was not preparing properly, I didn't wash or sand!!!

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bebob(z5 IN)

I think is may be to long to fit, butI will try anyway. I just got this emailed to me for I'm doing a rain barrel for the City of Lafayettte Indiana. Over the years they have done Frogs,dogs & pigs. Here are the instructions they sent me. I will keep you posted on my project.
Recommended steps to follow:
1. All rain barrels are shipped with a few layers of UV protection. Thoroughly clean the exterior surface of the barrel by wiping away excess dirt and grime with a clean rag soaked in a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water. Some individuals claim that generic window surface cleaner works also.
2. Use a fine- to medium-grade sandpaper (220 grit or finer) to lightly âÂÂrough upâ the surface which will help the paint adhere to the plastic barrel. Be sure to use sand paper that does not leave scratches.
3. Wipe the barrel again with a dry cloth to get rid of any fine plastic shavings. Cover the spigot and overflow valve with masking tape and complete all of your painting in a well-ventilated area.
4. The barrel must be primed so that the paint adheres properly to the surface. Krylon Fusion spray paint or RustOleum Spray Paint for Plastic both make a spray primer that are great for a base coat (primer). Allow the primer to dry according to the directions on the container. Flat or semi-gloss acrylic paint, Krylon Fusion and RustOleam products can usually be found in local hardware and craft stores.
5. The barrel can be painted any way you like with ordinary flat or semi-gloss acrylic paint (spray or liquid). The design is completely up to you. Some people use stencils, a pattern, or freehand with a brush. You can also finger paint the barrel.
a. For those of you only interested in painting the barrel a solid color, spray paint is perfect. You probably will be able to cover a rain barrel with one can of paint. These plastic barrels by nature need to be painted at a slower rate than most âÂÂstandardâ surfaces because of the surface tension characteristics of the polymer, as well as the waxy surface features. Allow the primer to dry according to the directions on the container.
b. If you are using spray paint, but you need to paint small details, spray some paint into a small cup, making a liquid puddle, then use a brush to apply the paint. Allow all the paint to dry completely. 6. Apply at least two coats of flat or satin polyurethane spray to help protect the painted barrel. Krylon Triple Thick
Crystal Glaze or other polyurethane sprays or brush-on products can be used as long as they are plasticappropriate.
Be sure to allow the polyurethane to dry between coats.

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