Potted avocado care indoors?

vaindioux(7aCanton-GA-)July 13, 2007


I was wondering how easy it is to keep a potted avocado alive for the winter here in Atlanta.

I keep several tropicals in my non freezing garage during the winter and drag them outside on sunny days.

Would that work with an "Haas avocado"?

They are about 4 feet tall. What are the low temps they can take in pots?

Thanks for your help


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Patrick, keeping indoors will involve some work, but w/a sunny window, a bit of humidity, and proper watering, your 'cado should do fine..
Don't know how well it'd do in a garage..what's the lowest temps out there? I know they dislike extreme heat..
Did you start the 'cado from a pit? Is it growing as a tree or bush? I'll browse through plant books to see if there's info on temps..Toni

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The avocado is a small tree at a local nursery, I am debating to buy it or not.
All my windows will be taken by other plants (Cactus/palms/Heliconia/Bird of paradise).
If I can get it to live in the garage (Lowest temp 25 degrees but I can provide small space heater.) and drag it outside on warm days with my other tropicals I will get it, otherwise I will pass.

I appreciate the post Toni


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I don't know about one from a nursery, I have a few I have grown from pits, I put them in my bathroom in the winter, has a west light, they are not actually "in" the windows and they do just fine. 25 degrees, I am not sure they could take that, I think anything below freezing is a no-no...

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Mentha(9 CA)

If you wrap the pot with blankets when it freezes and cover the foliage with towels it should do fine. A word of advise is to pot up immediately, then make sure the pot is on casters to make moving easier. The growers around here run the sprinklers when it gets too cold, this helps keep them from damage. Avocados require the same care as citrus. My trees are outside for the summer, but will come in in the winter, however i don't run the heater unless you can see your breath, so it gets below freezing inside sometimes. Keep the roots dry when it does get cold otherwise you'll get root rot. It should do fine as long as it's protected.

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Micke and Mentha

Micke I didn't think about my bathrooms which I have 2 and no plants in there, I might give it a shot there, great idea thanks.


You are 2 zones warmer than me, I can imagine your avocado don't suffer much there as far as temps. It doesn't get cold long here, I manage to take all my tender plants out at least once a week, often 3 or 4 days out.

I think I am going to give one a shot.

Thanks a lot


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