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sradleyeJuly 2, 2013

Hello trying to figure out a name for this plant. Think its pretty common. Thanks in advance

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

So what's your cat's name?

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haha marvin is the digger and boeheim is the eater. however, both cats like to eat this one! the tin foil is the best thing I've found so far.

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Some sort of dracaena maybe?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Is there a plain green Cordyline? The trunk doesn't look right for Drac, but there are certainly ones I don't know.

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Cat? Why do I not see a cat? lol.

I'm pretty sure your plant is Dracaena, 'Janet Craig.'

Janet Craig is a cultivar of D. fragrens, and often goes by the synonym, D. deremensis.

JC's are fast-growing plants. If not cut back, trunks grow tall. Single trunks are BORING.
I cut my solo trunk down, now it's a smaller, solo trunk. lol
Rooting the top is simple; water or soil. I should have rooted the top then place with mom.
Your Dracaena was probably cut back when young..A lot prettier than a solo trunk.

I like the way your plant branches out. Toni

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thank you all for the help.

toni - the cat is why there is tin foil in the plant and also why most of the leaves are about half the length they want to be. also there are two trunks in the pot. when I repotted it this year it came out saggy so I staked both trunks up to the vacuum extension. they are very easy to propagate, my mother hacked hers up by accident left just the trunk which is sprouting new shoots and looks quite interesting and the top is growing fine after just placing it down in the soil as well.

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It's a bedraggled Yucca.

Way to check is if the leaf edges are a little rough.

But it's definitely a yucca. Get it in direct light!

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Morning & Happy 4th,

Purple...Yep, there are green Cordy's, 'which I've grown in and outdoors, containers and in-ground.' The trunk differs from Cordy.

Sradleye...Ah, so there's no kitty-cat in the photo? I spent 5-minutes looking for a cat.
Thought I was playing the puzzle, looking for different objects in a drawing. lol.

Does the foil dissuade your cat from your plant?

Our 17-yr-old cat, RIP, loved my old D. Corn Plant. He, 'Halloween' would kneed the cane. I ended up cutting a piece of board in two sections, made U-cuts to fit around cane.. Halloween didn't like the board, or was He never bothered my Corn Plant again.

Also, although some disagree, I'd sprinkle Cayenne Pepper powder around edges, nearest pot rims. Halloween wouldn't approach peppered plants

Oh, I wondered why you placed pipe-fitting in the soil...Assumed you watered via the pipe.

How much light is your plant getting?
My Dracaena Janet Craig is in an east window, but there's an awning which obstructs sun, so exporsure is more like north.
Because it's in low light, the trunk is fairly thin and requires staking too. It grew tall, so it ended up decapitated.

Maybe you can set your plant in brighter light?

StewartsJon...I disagree..It's not Yucca. :) Toni

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Hi Toni!

The reason some disagree about using the red pepper approach is that there's a good chance that they will get it in their eyes while grooming. Not too sure if you've ever had it in your eye before but let me tell ya...OUCH!

Anyway you've probably read enough cat related threads around here over the years that I'm really not telling you anything you didn't know already from seeing it a dozen times.

Happy 4th to ya! :)

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Hey Asleep, Happy 4th to you, too.

Yep, people have said they fear hot pepper will get in their cats eyes.

But, imo, cats detect the scent, which they dislike, a pretty good distance away from a peppered plant.

Asleep, I love cats, dogs, birds, fish, etc. I'd never do anything to harm a pet. In fact, when I hear about abused pets, I feel like kicking the person in his/her xxxxx or xxxxx. Not joking.
Coco, our dog was abused as a puppy. I don't like thinking about it, let alone admitting it. Abuse was done by people close to me.

Did I ever get hot pepper in my eyes..Oh yes.
Can't recall the name of the dish..breaded Jalepeno. If I'd read the entire recipie before starting, this wouldn't have happened.
Not knowing one hot pepper from the next, I bought several Jalepenos for breading and frying.

I had no idea, when preparing hot peppers, it's recommended to wear gloves. I didn't.

Minutes later, my hands were as red as the ripest tomato. My eyes wept, so I brushed them with my hands..
Asleep, I thought I'd have to go to ER. One of the worse experiences in my life..First and last time I ever tried making Mexican dishes. lol.

Also got Ben Gay, Vick's, and Sea Breeze in my eyes. As strong as the last three items, nothing topped Jalepeno peppers.

BTW, medium to large parrots dote on hot peppers.

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It so is a yucca, just a really tired one. I suppose it just about could be a hugely old Cordyline Glauca

sradleye - see if you can get a "paper cut" off a leaf edge, then we'll know for sure.

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Hmmmm...perhaps I was a medium to large parrot in a past life because Toni,...I love hot peppers and omg jalaps are a favorite! They have what I like to call a "sneaky" heat. Takes about for or five good bites of my chili before you realize that your forehead is breaking a sweat. Not burning the mouth so much as clearing the sinuses...chili is medicine!! :)

I've seen a pic of coco an off topic thread and yep he looks a bit haunted alright but it makes me feel better knowing that he's safe with his mommy who loves him and treats him with kindness as apposed to the monsters who took his eye. Thank you for adopting him Toni. You're a wonderful person!!! :)

Anyhoo,..speaking of off topic,I think we are straying a bit here,but I just wanted to say Thanks on coco's behalf. :)

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hi guys, really appreciate the help. I had thought yucca from my previous google and book thumbing. just looked at edges they are definitely rough, almost like a serrated knife or something. I will get the plant a little more light, its currently offset from the window to stop the cats from jumping to the hanging spider plant lol. I had moved it to better light and forgot why I had it there in the first place. so now I have a much less impressive looking spider plant.

This foil has been the best thing I've found for keeping the cats from digging. tried pepper, citrus even some spray stuffs. they don't knead any of the trunks but they regularly nibble the leaves of this "yucca?" and the one is a spider plant junkie, ive heard they have a catnip effect and I agree with this. I give the one cat leaves I trim as treats now. anyway so this and the spider plant are the only ones I haven't found away to prevent cat munching on, any ideas would be appreciated. thanks again

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If it's got rough edged leaves, I claim my prize.


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Asleep. I'm the opposite. I cannot eat hot meals. All spicey foods do is burn my mouth, and second, tasteless..'except a burning sensation.' lol.

Dh loves spicy dishes..the hotter the better. When I make chili, after I prepare his bowl, he adds all types of hot peppers.
The few times I ate semi-spicy foods, my mouth broke out, little red bumps.

Oh my dear, sweet Coco...thank you, Asleep.

Jon...Which species are you thinking?

Sradleye. If your plant is a Yucca, it definately needs more light.
I've seen a zillion plants in my life, but can honestly say I'd never seen a yucca with leaves that droop. :)
Yucca's usually stand erect. And the trunk resembles Dracaena.

Jon, okay, okay you won..No boasting or 'told you so' needed. :) Toni

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yea wow I was just looking through some yucca pics and I guess this plant is not at all doing great. this is something my mother always had around my entire life and will stay alive under pretty much any conditions. ive never seen it without the droopy look. but I guess its not exactly thriving is it :/ moved it to directly in front of a south facing window, maybe it will help some. this is the very first plant I started this new found obsession with, who new ive been torturing it for a couple years?! well other than the cats, I definitely knew the cats have been torturing it.

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Srad.. You didn't torture your plant. Please don't take blame. You're a new gardener, right?
Educating oneself on plant care and names takes time and experience. :)

Here's a pic of my variegated Yucca. Leaves droop to a degree. Green Yuccas, 'at least those I've seen,' have stiff foliage.

Also, notice the trunk. It differs from your plant.


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yep pretty new. started about 2.5 years ago with this yucca and two umbrella tree cuttings received as house warming gifts when I moved into this apartment that has more windows in it than most houses. now up to around 30 different species and somewhere around 60 plants. lots of cuttings, leaf starts etc. pretty excited about this plant exchange stuff. just sent out my first two shipments today :)

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