Birdfeeder from 'junk glass' - First completed 'major' project!

aussie_mum(3)February 7, 2013

Hi folk
I've been pottering away and have made several small birdfeeders from cups and saucers (I'll post a photo in a follow-up to this message.) and I have a few others things about to come off the 'production line'!

However, I really wanted to show off my large birdfeeder! I had a glass lamp-shade and a 'divided' plate and decided to glue the lampshade to the plate. I tested it out to make sure birdseed would flow under the lip of the lamp-shade onto the plate. I then covered the hole at the tope with a small plate as I didn't want birds going down into the seed reservoir. I was concerned this little plate would fall off so I attached some loops (using bit of an old necklace) so I can slide the plate up the ropes to refill the birdfeeder and then lower the 'hole cover'.

I just need to make some loops at the tops of each rope piece and put them on an "S" hook and hang in a tree!

What do you think? :)

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Three of many 'little bird feeders' I've made using cups and saucers. I'll give them away to friends & try to sell some of them in my local 'craft shop'.

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And here's some of the other bird feeders I've made - some using glass jugs set on glass plates - with real bird seed for authenticity! LOL! :)

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I like your idea to add the sliding piece to the top
for refills. I have some similar pieces and may copy
this. I have tons of macrame cord I can use.
I have made many teacup feeders but none with the
turned-over cups. They are really cute-will be a
different style for me.
Thanks for the ideas.

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How do you hang those teacup ones?

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You chose some very pretty glass & dishes for these projects! They are very cute! I'm sure the birds empty out the cup ones before you get rain & such ...that's the only problem I can see drainage...but being this size they probably empty fast! Nice work! Jeanne S.

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Thanks 'nonacook' and 'jeannespines' for your comments and encouragement! :) I liked the 'turned over' cup idea as it gave a more casual look to if someone had been careless and knocked over the cup. :) I'm making another 'tea-cup' feeder where the teacups are upright. I have a metal candle-holder that I am going to glue 3 tea-cups to that can be suspended from a tree.

pixie_lou, The smaller teacup bird feeders would hand from an "S" hook in a tree. I haven't actually put one up yet so they may need a loop of rope to keep them from swinging off the "S" hook and falling, but when I hang them from my finger they are level and balanced. I'll test one out today!

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Love that top 1 very clever to slip plate up "ropes" to fill! Other bird feeders are cute too. Nice work! Jan

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Pretty and clever. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

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They are all very nice , but I LOVE the first one. Thanks for sending your inspiration our way!

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I'm glad this idea has inspired some of you. Your projects have certainly inspired ME! :)

I showed my large bird-feeder to the guy down in my local hardware store, as I'd been in for several bits and pieces and asked some 'strange questions' so I knew he was wondering what I was up to, and he said "pretty fancy bird-feeder" as if it was too fancy for our local birds and they should be satisfied with an ugly one! LOL!

I've hung a small one in a tree outside my dining room but haven't seen any 'customers' coming to feed yet.

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Marlene Kindred

Well, you are one smart cookie! I've never even given it a thought to use a divided plate at the bottom of the feeder. What a clever idea! Thanks for the inspiration. I really like your cup and saucer feeders too!

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