Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus Fungus or Root Rot signs???

pimpette95July 9, 2013

Help! I got this 14" pot tree from a nursery and have been really excited with my first indoor tree. I got it 3 weeks ago and the soil looked really dry. So I watered it once it got home with a whole pitcher of water. The saucer that it came with was a little snug for the ceramic outer decorative potter. Except I used it anyway so that water would not spill onto the carpet. However in hindsight, I think that I may have created an airtight environment for fungus or mold or root rot? I feel really bad about this.

Now, it has these black edges on about half of the leaves. It's in a 14 pot and I'm not sure if it's from overwatering or from when I wiped down the leaves with a cloth when it first came home. I really want to save this as it's a gorgeous 5' beauty.

I recently moved it to the patio so it can get more indirect sunshine and plus it's summer here.

Please help! Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you.

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Did you leave the saucer full or did you empty it as it drained?

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It was too heavy inside the outer ceramic potter that I was unable to lift it and see. Though, I believe the watering may have soaked it but not enough for it to drain out. Could it have been the small saucer that cupped it for no air flow?

I have since removed it from the ceramic potter and took off the saucer. It's now just sitting on the patio in its original plastic pot that it came in. Here's another photo of it.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Looks like root-death to me.
Low quality potting mix that holds too much moisture, I'd wager.


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Thank you both for responding. It could have been the potting mix from the place where I got it. At least, I know better thank you.

Maybe next time if I get one of these, then re-pot it immediately and provide an adequate air flow or saucer.

Thanks again,

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Do you think there's any way to save him? And if so, can anyone help explain? I'm new to gardening and but I'm willing to try anything to help salvage or save it :) It's only 3 weeks home from the store.

Here's another photo if that helps.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I'd re-pot it and then put it in some bright shade to recover. After two weeks, I'd resume fertilization.


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Thank you for the advice. Do you recommend a specific type of soil? I thought they were all the same except that I don't want to make the mistake again by using the nursery soil. Should I chop off the roots if they look bad?

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We just bought some fig fiddles and have some brown spots on our leaves too. Some of the leaves have fallen off- minimal brown spots mostly from the bottom of the plant.

We repotted and moved it to a sunnier spot in thr room, and so far so good.

Some say browning at the top: not enough water. Browning/ yellowing at the bottom: too much water. Although I think it may be a combination of water and sun...

How is your doing now?

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