Target Range

pixie_louFebruary 15, 2012

I set this up out back for my daughter (she's 7). The party line is that it is target practive for her marshmallow gun. Since my understanding is that the device she uses to shoot her acorns is illegal in Massachusetts.

It's out behind the pond, by the brush pile, in front of the brook. The other side of the brook is conservation land. It's not visible from the road - which is good. We live in a bit of an upscale town (million dollar homes are the norm here, not the exception) so most people do not tend to make target ranges in their back yard.

The targets were made out of an old rimmed baking sheet, a metal plate, an old pot lid, and a tin can. I spray painted them, and then used some spare paint to hand paint the numbers.

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Marlene Kindred

A marshmallow gun? Never heard of such a thing. That looks like it should be a good practice range for her though. My DD was a crack shot when she was 7....the people at the paint gun range couldn't believe she'd never used one before.

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Hope there's no bears nearby -- they love maarshmallows :)

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Nice target!
Marshmallow guns have been a big seller on the
craft circuit for years. We never made any.
They are usually made from PVC pipe.

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I didn't know that bears like marshmallows. Good thing we don't shoot the marshmallows outside - the marshmallow gun is reserved for indoor use. We tend to use our mouths for targets!

We actually bought our marshmallow gun at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I never had an ac.. er marshmellow gun, but my dad made us amazing elastic guns and even more amazing slingshots. I would have loved a target practice like that.

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