Spider Plant Getting Worse

BronwynHJuly 27, 2013

This is really a follow-up to 'Sick Spider Plant', but I need more help:

I may still be doing something wrong. Since re-potting the plant and moving it outside it has continued to decline. While I did moisten the soil when I re-potted it I have left it alone ever since. I have checked the moisture of the soil daily (it is not drying as fast as I would expect) and checked that it stays partially shaded even mid-day (like my other spider it's behind some larger pots), but otherwise nothing.

I am concerned by it's level of decline. I will attach some pictures to show the extent of decline, but basically it's getting increasingly brown and all but one or two of the leaves are completely flaccid and 'wilty'.

Any suggestions? Do I just have to be patient?

[The first photo shows what the plant looked like after it's initial decline and re-potting and was taken last Sunday. The next two were taken yesterday.]

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photo #2

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photo #3

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Honestly looks like too much sun exposure to me. What direction is that balcony facing? I have mine east facing and only gets morning direct sunlight until about 11am.

Spider plants prefer indirect bright light, not full sun. Also, your tips look awfully brown. Are you using distilled or rain water? Tap water contains too much salt and chemicals (chlorine and fluoride) which these plants are vulnerable to.

What sort of potting mix is this in? These plants should dry out nicely every few days as mine are pretty heavy drinkers. I would get this guy into so more shade and water more sparingly.

Also keep in mind, usually after any repotting, not many plants want to be placed into full sun. Plants are somewhat stressed after a repot and will typically lag for a couple weeks until the roots get active in their new mix.

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Thanks for the response.

The plant does not live in the location I took the photo. Being behind other things on the balcony it is actually in full shade all day. I have a second spider (which I've had for longer) in the same conditions and it is thriving. I moved the plant the sun just for photo purposes. Do you think I should still move it indoors?

It's in a generic potting soil. Again the other spider is in the exact same stuff (I used the leftovers from when I last re-potted the other plant).

As to the water I am using tap water, which I figured was fine since the other spider was doing well with it.

It is possible that this plant is much more sensitive to light, soil and water than the other spider?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Can't remember if I asked you about the attached drain saucer before? Those things are plant killers but usually snap off. So can still be used to sit the pot on/in, just not snapped on. What did the roots look like when you repotted?

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i would keep it in shade for now. Based off the date of your original post, it hasnt been all that long since the repot. Plant does look awfully droopy though. Keep it in a bright, shaded spot and just keep the soil slightly moist. Dont get too crazy with watering until soil is drying out regularly. For my plants, if the soil doesnt dry out within a week, I begin to worry something is wrong (either with the plant's root system or poor soil quality)

Try to avoid tap water, it always seems to give my spiders brown tips. I used to buy a couple of gallons of distilled water per week until i got my rain barrell =)

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The roots looked great when I repotted it -- firm & white. The pot is attached, but I plan on detaching it when watering. I haven't actually watered it since repotting. I cut off all the browned foliage. It's in shade and I'm waiting for it to dry out.

At this point I'm mostly waiting and hoping - unless there's something specific anyone can point out.

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