Unusual object...what to do with it?

aussie_mum(3)February 22, 2013

Hi folk
I picked up this unusual china 'thing' - it's an oil and vinegar decanter....it has 2 "stalks" and must have 2 divided chambers inside it as has O for oil and V for vinegar on the stalks.

Just wondering what to do with it as another plate or bowl can't sit on top of it and I don't think it's suitable as a totem 'topper'.

Ideas please! :)

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Find some other pieces with apples and DO use it
as a totem topper. I think that would be good!

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Would go great with an apple bordered plate if you could find 1 or if you paint or stencil could make apples on edge of plate. That would tie the 2 together & make a lovely totem. Guess you could set it in center of birdbath so birds would have place to sit but would have to clean it often. Jan

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Sure is cute. I would use it as a totem topper.

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Marlene Kindred

I'd use it as a totem topper too, though I would silicone the apple "stems" closed so that water didn't get inside of the apple.

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I'm thinking of somehow making a "worm" - maybe out of billiards balls. And somehow have it like the worm is eating the apple. Then find a strategic place in the garden.

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Thanks everyone :)

I'll have to let my creative juices flow a bit more and see what i can come up with.

I think Pixie_lou's idea of doing something 'horizontally' with the apple might work best. I personally think it's too large to be a totem topper - the photo I posted didn't give any 'perspective' so it's hard for you to gauge the size. I won't discount this idea though....it just needs the 'right' things to go with it.

Off to the shed to see what I can find!

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