Ceiling fan project

bookjunky4life(5 Central IL)February 21, 2012

I've got it stripped down. I think I will buy aluminum flashing and cut into a blade shape (kept one of the old blades for tracing) and bolt those onto the the blade holders. I will mount a pipe at a 90 angle to the piece of pipe on the bottom.

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Trying to make it into a flower? Very interesting. I'm anxious to see what the finished project will look like. We are in a rental house with only a tiny patio for a "backyard", so I'm wondering if a flower-fan might be too big for us. The ceiling fan in my bedroom needs repair or replacement. One of the light sockets is burned out. We've been waiting for a response from the landlord: Will they just replace the socket or the whole fixture? If they replace the fixture, will they take it away for parts or toss it in the dumpster (where I can go get it after they leave). What kind of pipe are you going to use? - Laura

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What a WOW idea. Hope you post pics soon.

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bookjunky4life(5 Central IL)

I plan to paint the "petals" yellow and cover the large circle on the top with some sheeting and paint it black. We have a farm and all kinds of pipes laying around. Surely I have some kind of sucker rod or something that will fit in the end that it is resting on in the photo. I did not want to throw the fan out since the gear still turned smoothly and I thought I could make some kind of wind decoration out of it.

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Good idea! Post pic when you get it done! Might make center brownish black for a sunflower, they are popular. Jan

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Interesting idea. When we replaced our kitchen ceiling fan, I held onto the fixture.

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