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westernexcessJuly 5, 2011


Could someone identify this plant for me? I'd like to know how to care for it.

(pictures below)



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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Definitely an Aeonium, I'll leave it to others to say which.

Unless its rootball is quite large, that pot is too big for the plant. Likely it needs some sun, tho' I recommend the exposure be done gradually increasing an hour or 2 at a clip.

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Thanks for identifying the plant!

The pot I have it is in only 4" in diameter, it appears larger in the photo.

I planted it in a commercial cactus mix. It gets a few hours of direct sun in the morning, and I've been keeping it moist. When I planted it, it had just a small root nub.

It has doubled in size in a month, but it seems to shed its outer layer of foliage as it grows a new inner layer. I'm not sure if that is just what it does as it matures or what.

Thanks again!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi again & you're welcome,

This pot is still too large for the plant. I'm not talking about appearance, I'm talking about size of the pot relative to the size of the plant.

I used to date someone who grew a lot of these; I know what I'm talking about on this. Unless the rootball is almost as large as that pot (no way it can be, the plant would have lots more growth on top, like multiple heads), the pot is too big.

This is not a plant that wants to be kept moist, it's not a tropical, it's a succulent, as such it's used to pretty dry conditions. It also doesn't want much water at this time of year. It may close up its head for the summer, don't be scared it's not dying, just adapting.

The further ID is A. Schwartzkoff or atropurpurem, I always confuse the 2.

If you like, repost this at Cactus & Succulent Forum next for (C&S for short) for confirmation of all I've said & perhaps additional info, as well.

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