goldfish plant not blooming

moonie_57July 9, 2011

Again I will apologize for the poor picture quality. Regardless of how it looks, the plant is very green, just bad cell phone camera. LOL

Anyway, this plant had 1 or 2 flowers several months ago and nothing since. It's in the greenhouse, gets good filtered light, not overwatered, well draining soil. It isn't potted in the red pot, just sitting inside the red pot. I had been fertilizing but stopped when it wouldn't flower. Don't understand why it isn't blooming.

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Moonie, your plant could be a Nematanthus, but it's not the common Gold Fish Plant with orange goldfish shaped flowers.

There is a Gesneriad called, Downy Leaf Gold Fish, (strigillosos,) which could be the plant you have.

Either way, is it getting a lot of sun? Its cousin, Lipstick Plant won't bloom unless it gets direct west light.
Also, Nemanthus like being slightly root-bound. If the pot is too large, it'll grow leaves in place of blooms.

What type of fertilizer were you using? Toni

PS: I like your Nemanthus better than the common type.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Moonie, I have a goldfish plant also and I would say mine isn't a good bloomer either. Mine does bloom, but only a few now and then. I have it under some Palm trees where it gets filtered, bright light for about half a day. I fertilize mine with a weak solution(about half strength) once a week. Personally I would start fertilizing it again(weakly)...but don't use fertilzers with a high middle number (Bloom booster), those have very high phosphorus and can do more harm than good.

Good luck! Hope it blooms soon...

Hi Toni!!

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Toni - well, that would be cool if it were to be a Downy, but the leaves are not hairy at all. Maybe repotting it has slowed down the blooming process. I think I'll start fertilizing again with a weak miracle grow solution.

Thanks to both of you!

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