Help needed on dracaena janet craig

stillwaterllJuly 24, 2011

A friend's company is moving and they are getting rid of all their indoor plants. She gave me three plants that look like dracaena janet craig. They are not in very good condition though as a lot of leaves have black/brown spots or turned totally black. I suspect they were either getting too much water or too little. Or is it having some kind of disease? Normally how often should I water them and how much each time? They are about 5 feet tall. I live in the bay area, ca and the room temp right now is about 65-75F. Thanks for your help. Hopefully I can save the plants.

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Stillwater. What conditions was your D. 'Janet Craig' getting at your friends workplace?
In other words, amount of light, waterings, fertilizing and size of pot?

It looks to be underwatered. Too much sun and not enough liquid.
If it's rootbound, most likely soil dried one too many times.

D. JC is fast-growing, compared to other Dracaenas.
Roots can fill a pot months after being repotted.
In order to save the 3 Dracaenas, they'll need work.

Are your Dracaenas potted in one or three containers?

Remove Dracaenas from pot/s. Is/are they rootbound?

If possible, hose roots, trunks, foliage, remove excess soil. Prune dead roots..those that look limp.

Do you intend on potting each plant separately or together in one large container?

Repot in fresh, well-draining soil. What type of soil/mix do you normally use?

After Dracaenas are standing erect, work on the leaves. Those that are all brown, remove. They will not revert to green.
Any leaves that have severe brown spots should be removed too.
Brown edges can be trimmed. Leave 1/8th" of brown on the leaf/ves, otherwise brown might spread.

Pot must have drainage holes. Water thoroughly until water seeps out of holes.

Place your plant/s in bright, indirect sun..a cooler room is best. If the room is 85F during the day, and 75F at night, it's still a tad too warm, but as long as your plant isn't in direct sun it should be okay.

Wash or mist leaves daily. A week or so after repotting add half-strength, All-Purpose fertilizer.

Soil should dry between waterings, but not to the point it cracks. Water when it looks a little crumbly.
I can't suggest a watering date; watering should not be done by schedule. For any plant. There is no such thing as water 'X' plant once a week or every three days. Water should be given when soil is moderately moist, dry or super dry depending on the type of plant.

If possible, placing your Dracaena in the tub and hosing leaves will perk it up.
D. 'Janet Craig' is a pretty plant, and with proper care will develope fragrant flowers during winter months.

You have other options like cutting leaves back and root pruning. The decision is up to you.
If they were my plants, I'd plant all 3 together in one large container, 'compact' and hope for the best. Good luck, Toni

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