dba1954(6 - Buffalo area)September 11, 2012

So Saturday I noticed some of my beets look wilted, leaves on ground but wasn't too concerned I had a 6ft * 6ft raised bed of them was going to pick soon. Todat I went out and 2/3 of the patch look wilted .... on closer inspection the beets were gone, just the leaves were left. Whatever ate them targeted the bigger ones. I have a 6 ft fense arounf my yard and do not get deer ... what the heck could be eating these? Raccoons , skunks, chipmonks?????

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If you have voles in your area. they would get my vote/

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dba1954(6 - Buffalo area)

I do have voles, scary that they could eat 80 or 90 3" beets in a few days ... I put traps out last night and got 1 .... was hoping for more!

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