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moonie_57July 9, 2011

Duranta, sapphire showers. I have one in a hanging basket, in full sun and was very heavy with flowers. Now that it's getting hotter, it often wilts before I get a chance to water and isn't flowering as much. Does this plant need full sun or should I leave this smaller one in the greenhouse? Or should I pot it in a HB and hang it outside in morning sun?

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birdsnblooms often do you water?

Duranta needs bright, indirect sun. No direct.
The only other option would be your plant needs a larger pot.

Try morning sun. Toni

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Toni - I water every day. Even with shade cloth, it gets over 100 degrees everyday. This particular duranta in the pic is doing okay but I have one hanging outside that has stopped blooming. It's been in full sun, til later in the afternoon. It should probably be moved now that it's getting later into summer with long hot days. It gets watered everyday as well. Think I should fertilizer after moving it?

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When was the last time your Duranta was fertilized? If over a month, yes.
The soil should be moist before adding fertilizer. Especially if you use chemical fertilizers..roots can burn if dry.

Since it needs daily watering, give it a drink early in the morning, then about an hour later, fertilize.

BTW, it's a beautiful plant. Toni

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