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cmwren(Mid-Atlantic Coast, z7)July 26, 2010

*gasp gasp gasp* Summer's too hot. For me this year, anyway. Too many days of 90+. Too many nights that never fall below 80. Too much humidity to breathe...

But the houseplants that have been banished to the front deck to recuperate from a sad sorry winter indoors (and those recently rescued from various retail locations) are loving it!

You are hereby cordially invited to come see my green things, freshly and thoroughly watered by yours truly--and then immediately again by a torrential rainstorm (figures)... Link below.

(Oi, are we ever going to have a mutiny when they have to come back in!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Flowers are Fine... But leaves are better!

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cmwren(Mid-Atlantic Coast, z7)

Oh, good, I sorted out my image issues... No need to leave this page now!

Most of my houseplants were banished to the out-of-doors for the summer, more in apology to them for having to suffer the winter indoors in a far from ideal climate--and as a reward for surviving, too. I'm glad something is enjoying this insanely hot and humid weather!

Even allowing for the fact that deer would eat anything I tried to grow around my yard, I finally realized that I may lean more towards houseplants rather than landscape plants simply because the tropical stuff has such fantastic foliage. Well, houseplants are green all year 'round, too. (Assuming I can keep them alive.) That's their real attraction. But still, how can you resist leaves like these?

The Monstera is becoming, well, truly monstrous. The new leaves (of which there are now another half dozen and more) are at or just beyond 15" and I don't think they are done yet.

Caladium. I had tried these once before, years ago; can't remember if I started the tubers myself, but I'm pretty certain that the plants never made it through the summer. This one is already twice as tall as it was when purchased, and may need to be potted up. Again.

Also a Caladium. A really tall caladium; 37" last I measured it, no telling how much height it has gained in the couple days since. As it is, it's tied up to keep it out of the way. And what's with the runners? Aren't tubers good enough? This one will soon need potting up. Also again. And I might need to scatter little pots about in which to root the plantlets popping up on the ends of all of those blasted runners... It was starting to send out a few when I purchased it, but I was more concerned with keeping the entire dratted thing alive, period, not about it taking over my front steps. (Could be worse: some caladium species, appropriately named Elephant Ears--which this one was tagged as, actually/eep--have leaves a couple of feet across.)

Cyperus. A wetland plant posing innocently as a houseplant. This is going to be a tricky one to keep the cats out of when it comes inside...those leaves will be way too tempting. I had a decorative cage I was going to use for whatever protection it would afford, but this one took off as well: the tallest frond now rises a good 28". I don't know if the dove cage gets enough light to see the cyperus through the winter; the budgie cage does, but I fear those little blighters would shred the plant to bits even faster than the cats.

Philodendron selloum, aka (Lacy) Tree Philodendron. This is a young plant; the newer leaves are each coming in "lacier" than the ones before.

I had a lapse a few weeks ago; after swearing off giant specimen plants, I started yearning after a tree philo and when I saw this one in front of the local supermarket, I simply had to have it. Hey, they don't climb or vine! They, um, just grow sideways... (This one isn't quite as large as it looks; it's still in its gallon growers pot sitting on the blue pot into which it should, maybe, fit when I get around to repotting it. Hmm.) But my mother had one that stayed beautifully self-contained for many years! Yeah, so I discovered before I rescued this one that a high-school classmate has had one for the past 23 years and it takes up half of his rather large living room... Your point??? Surely I've mentioned before that I have no self-control or will power whatsoever.

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Wow, they are beautiful. I agree the plants are loving the heat. Me not so much.

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