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tropicbreezentJuly 28, 2013

Yesterday I was wandering around one of the large store nurseries but couldn't see much that grabbed my attention, apart from a few very over priced plants. So I came back to this Aglaonema. Only a tiny plant and cheap.

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marquest(z5 PA)

It is pretty one that I killed. If you want a name it looks like Aglaonema "Donna Carmen"

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What planet did that thing come from? That is so cool!

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Oh, I want one so bad, and it even has the same name as me (Carmen) so we belong together. I have the other pink aglaonema, and I see them for sale everwhere, but not that one....maybe one day...

Anyways, that's a very beautiful plant, it'll get bigger before you know it, but even small it's super cute!!


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A lot of these cultivars started out in Thailand or Indonesia. I don't know that they are "stable" enough to actually take a name yet, though there are some "named" ones here. But the introduction of pinks and especially reds, makes this a fantastic indoor plant. Luv 'em

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I got it from Bunnings, and I looked at the larger ones. None of them were quite like this one so I suspected that what I was getting will not be what I end up with. But it's still a nice bit of colour.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

That's a pretty little guy, I would have gotten it too. Is this plant hardy where you are?

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I've got a couple already, not the same patterns but still with the red in them. Actually, I've got more. A frond fell on one of the plants and broke it. I just put the broken bit in the ground and it's still going well. I like that in plants, I can envisage having a large population of them later on. The first one I bought I split up and that's how I ended up with a couple. They seem to like it here, but the approaching spring might stress them a bit. Following that they should be wallowing luxuriantly again.

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birdsnblooms your Aglaonema.. Such beautiful colors. Red center is striking.

The tag resembles Exotic Angel Nursery. Is it?

There's a zillion new varieties, so it's difficult finding the exact cultivar.

One seller in Thailand had 50-60 Aglaos.. Very healthy, colorful specimens..Even greens were gorgeous.
Last time I checked his site, he only sells Hoyas and Hoya cuttings.
Wish he still had Agalos..we might have been able to Name Your Plant. Toni

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Toni, the tag only has the tag manufacturers label on it. But it came from Bunnings, they would have just brought them in from Thailand. A lot of our stuff comes from Thailand, it's relatively close. The owners of my local nursery often go there to purchase as well. Not bad if you can write off a trip to Thailand as a business expense. Bangkok has a similar climate to ours so what they produce usually does well here.

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Bunnings wouldn't be importing directly, they'd be buying from a local grower, who as you say would have probably acquired the material from OS. As you say most of the stock is coming in from Thailand or China. I bought at least 4 very large different plants from Markwell nurseries on the sunshine coast, Qld. They have heated greenhouses so they overwinter brilliantly. For a while they were selling on Ebay but don't risk it in the cooler months in case the plants suffer from the temp changes in transit. I would highly recommend them though, beautiful plants and sent superbly.

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Aglaonema (Siam Red) is one of the latest purchases for me, too. Haven't seen this variety before, so I latched onto it with my sweaty little palms as soon as I saw it at Walmart. Looks very healthy, and the roots were healthy too. The best $13 I ever spent.

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Tropic, do tags contain bar codes?
If you type a bar code in your search engine, most of the time, 'not always,' nursery name and location will display.

Do products have bar-codes there?

Ohhh, Thailand's Aglaos, heck, all their plants are amazing!

Green Toe..ohh, your Aglao is pretty, too.
Strange as it may seem though, I have an Aglao 'Siam Red,' but it looks nothing like yours. lol.

Gotta love labels. Toni

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Toni, the only bar code was on a separate price sticker, google couldn't find anything. I think as Alison said above, they're probably still a bit unstable so that's where you'd get variation in same named plants.

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