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moonie_57July 9, 2011

If you can see the shrimp plant behind the duranta, you'll notice it's basically a Y shape and very spindley. I have been contemplating cutting it back. Although Im' not all that fond of this messy plant, it took a long time to get a bitty cutting to finally flower. should i cut it back? if so, should I root the cuttings right in the same pot in an attempt to make it fuller? What do y'all think?

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Hey Moonie..Very nice Shrimp blooms. Because of all the stems, it's hard telling which is the Shrimp But the flowers are very pretty.

One thing I learned about Shrimp plants..they need to be pinched periodically to keep compact. Pinch first two leaves when not flowering.

You can either cut back and root cuttings. Another option is looking on Ebay for small trellises. They're inexpensive.

As a matter of fact, you can make your own. I bought a dozen; after seeing how they were made, felt ripped off.

They used a piece of plastic, shaped in a 'U' Imagine the U upsidedown. A wire hanger would work. Same thing, only painted green.

Or you can purchase actuall trellises for house plants. They too come in different sizes.

If you decide to root, take several cuttings..plant some with mom, in soil, and others in water.
Within a two-week period, the cuttings should start rooting. 'in water, don't know how long it takes in soil.'

What is the plant to the right of your Shrimp Plant? With pink-purple flowers..Toni

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Toni - I cut back the shrimp plant several days ago. Just couldn't stand the way it looked anymore. It has been extremely hot this week. The potted cuttings are not looking very good but we'll see in a few days if they're going to make it. I wish I had brought them in the house instead of leaving them in the GH but, hindsight and all. LOL

The plant to the right is a combo pot. There are pink impatiens as well as pink begonias in it.

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Moonie, it's a beautiful combo.

What about using a thin stake?? 'If you want your Shrimp to grow tall."

Yep, Shrimps and heat don't mix. They prefer cooler temps. Does it cool off at night?

Would you happen to recall the temps when it started budding? Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Interesting, I know Shrimp Plants from tropical Rio de Janeiro where it can get quite hot. Easily high 90s, low 100s, as I recall from childhood, I just don't recall what time of year these bloomed. My surrogate Grandfather grew these, so I always feel fond, warm memories of him when I see these plants.

Nice plants & pix, thanks for the memory.

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Karen...when we visit the conservatory, Shrimps usually are in bloom late summer into autumn.

When plants are grown outdoors in hot, humid climates, they adapt..'like weeds do in our part of the world.'

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