Snake plant rotting?

norfolkgardenerJuly 22, 2013

My mother got me a pot of snake plants from wal-mart last week and she did not notice few patches on the plant before buying. Now, few patches are bigger and I am getting concerned. I do not know why it is happening or what the patches are. I have attached the pictures for you to check. Hope you guys can help me out! I have put the plants back into bigger pot, loosely and covered with its potting soil it came with for now.. until I find some answers.

oh and by the way, one picture showed rubber band around the plant. I discovered it while taking the plant apart. I do not know why it was there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of my snake plant

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I think the plant looks pretty good, the roots look good, I would just cut off that damaged stalk. I have no idea what caused that small section to rot. I'm sure others will give you better advice.
Your pictures are wonderful...

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I think the rubber band may have been constricting it, never seen or heard of that before. The rhizomes are supposed to be orange. Are you in Norfolk, VA? Tons of rain there lately (assuming plants are outside?) Whether rain or employee-applied, it looks soaked. I'd let this plant dry out, (the soil stuck to the rubber gloves shows how moist it is.) Trimming off the damaged section of that leaf is probably a good idea in case it's some kind of fungus.

The more light, the healthier it will be. Knowing how much it was in at the store would help you know how much of an increase you could make without worrying about sunburn, although I've never managed to sunburn a leaf of that kind of Sans, even in quite a bit of sun outside. New leaves are so pretty, distinctly colored, and grow very quickly with tons of sun.

In the meantime, if you can find/mix something more chunky than the primarily-peat that bagged potting soil usually consists of, that would be great. The plant will be happier if you change the soil when you do.

Christine, I agree, I feel like I know this plant well from all of those clear pics! If I had more time, I could read the newspaper too.

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Very Funny Purple! You made me laugh!

Very pretty Sans!

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Morning All,

Norfolk, my eyes aren't the best, and I'm tired. :)
I don' see the Sans w/rubber band. Which pic is it?

Was the band near the brown spot?
Sometimes leaves are bound with rubber bands, string, etc, so leaves stand erect, and plants don't tumble. Especially top-heavy plants.

I think your Sans is doing great. Except or the one brown patch.

Sometimes, when leaves brown on various plants, I trim around the brown part, but since the patch on your Sans is spreading, it's probably best to cut the entire leave..closest to soil line.

Do you have other plants? Are you familiar with succulents?
Everyone here cares for plants in different fashions.
I treat Sans as succulents.

In summer, especially hot, sunny days, my Sans are given more water than they would during winter or day after day of clouds and rain.
But, in spite of season, I allow soil to dry completely before watering.

But, that's how I do it..doesn't necessarily mean it's the only way to care for Sans.

IMO, Sans like semi-tight roots, but not to the point roots stick out of the container or needs daily watering.
Pot looks too small in a couple of your pics.

Otherwise, your Sans looks fine. Needs a larger pot (not too big,) and well-draining soil Toni

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hahaha purple. you funny. i took pics cuz i knew without pictures, my post would be next to moot. :) thank you so much for the replies!

I have other snake plant, few leaves plus one new leaf sprouting nicely, on the other side of french door (no, the door isnt entry to outside or whatever, just to cinema room). That another plant was split from my mother's big snake plant at her home, not from Wal-Mart. The lighting is very poor in the area, but that is why I chose the snake plant.. The snake plant is supposedly to do great in poor lighting areas. Did I get that information wrong? My mother's snake plant did fine in the similar lighting condition at my mother's house so I don't think its a factor in rotting.

I will go ahead and cut the bad leaves and put in the bigger pot. Hope that will help. I needed some plants that can go few weeks without watering, because I go to the Netherlands a lot. Actually, I will leave on next week for a month to see my husband there.

And yes, I am in Norfolk, VA but none of snake plants are sitting outside. I am in the process of putting the other tough plants that can stand Norfolk's heat and insane storms throughout the summer, so it will be less maintenance work for me on my front yard. So far, I have gigantic elephant ears, cannas, two queen palms, and two banana plants. It is gonna look nice for a surprise welcome home party when I come back, with my husband and his cat. haha =D

and yes Norfolk indeed had a lot of rain lately. Yesterday, Norfolk was the only city in the Hampton Roads that had over 3 inches of rain, while all other cities had up to only one inch and half. I guess I am free from watering the garden for the rest of week!

Again, thank you and I will keep you all updated in a month with the result.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

The info isn't wrong, Sans will definitely stay alive in low light, and sounds perfect for what you need from this plant. You're right, unless there's excess moisture, rotting shouldn't be a concern.

But also, if one wants a fast-growing plant, they can put Sans outside with lots of heat, sun (which would require much more water, as said,) to have that also.

Your yard sounds awesome, enjoy your vacation (and coming home to that!) Look forward to 'seeing' you and your beautiful plants again.

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