Mysterious plant? No ID

lilce51286July 27, 2013

I put this on the cactus & succulent page as well since my sister and i think it may be an agave type? House plant my sister received, gave me the other parent plant, with pups on the side, and she's been keeping it like a succulent. Her method: weekly watering, lots of sun, cold temps AC (her house is freezing 65, she loves it cold)

So I've been 2 days in keeping it by my ZZ plant and will treat it like I do my ZZ: 1-2x month watering, partial sun, supplemental light at night via waterfall, and summer here so my AC day 75 and night 73. Any help in identifying this plant & care is a WELCOME!! Also the leaves edges are jagged, may pose an issue to young kids/animals, touching the leaf it's smooth & waxy feel.

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Up close leaf pic: tiny jagged edges

And the plant grows varigated like this

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Night pic of its living space

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an Agave ? if so it needs boo kooo help

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Maybe an agave or something in the bromeliad family?? Whatever it is, its very pretty and unique. I really like it. Do you know if its ever bloomed?

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It looks like a Pandanus with those thorny leaf edges. Also the ribbing along the leaf blade. A photo in natural light would be helpful.

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My sister said it does she never seen it bloom, my intuition I believe it will like a single stalk something like An aloe plant, and I'll take a pic of it in natural light :) I was amazed to find out aloes actually produces a flower spike haha who knew :)) but I think this does too...

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I showered the plant off w/hose and let it sit in my garage aka my workshop area :) the brown sticks at the bottom are its roots. Yea I had to actually hold the plant in my lap an state at it because I thought those were sticks holding it up. WRONG lol

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All different angles and the small white pups. Looking closely at the plant it grows like a pineapple an resembles a pineapple very much. I was moving the leaves an jagged edges are annoying

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auron22(6b OH)

That would make an unusual agave or bromeliad.

It's really pretty, especially that white new growth. I'm wondering if that is normal though? Guess we can't really tell until we actually know what it is

After quick google image search, i'm going to put money on pandanus as well. and all, it's not It had me thinking my tabernaemontana divaricata 'flore pleno' was gardenia jasminoides or jasminum sambac...

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Wow y'all are good, so happy I joined this website forum, and I googled up that pandanus: GUESS what I found...

This is it the pictures that's on the page is similar, the pups grow white first, and then turn shades of green.

Auron think the description on the link will answer your question and thank you all sooooooo much. Now I can actually read up on this and I'm calling my sister now to tell her. I want her to sign up for this site as well y'all are AMAZING & very GIFTED!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pandanus veitchii white

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Lilce,,,Wow, think we have the same plant. I've been trying to get an ID since I was given the cutting, 1994.

I was told this plant came from Poland.

Are upper and new leaves, white?
Also, do babies grow off mom's trunk? Like Epiphyllum.

Here's the plant my brother's MIL owned, then gave to my brother when he married her daugther. lol

Here's a pic of mine, pic taken 2007. I can't find a new pic..

Are they the same plant?

Auron...I had Pandanus, but it grew upright. This plant, when mature, needs staking. Otherwise it grows viney.
Do Pandanus grow viney?

Thanks, Toni

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Hi Hopeful,

Yes: new leaves come out white and pups grow from the side & base of plant (pics below). I read that all leaves come out white and turn green as plant matures. Yep we have the same plant in your 2nd picture!! Wow I've never seen this plant before until I visited my sister house and I said I liked it. She gave me the parent plant (bigger one) since the pups (4) I took and they died. Think the pups was too young to be removed from the mom so when I potted it they all died. Google has lots of sites for its care but I think it simpler to keep it like a palm & aloe (succulent) care for this plant. Which ill be doing. There are many varieties of Pandanus :) thanks 2 my helpers who lead me in the right directions :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Pandanus Veitchii white

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Lil...Over the years, I've given quite a few cuttings from 'X' plant. Wonder if your sister's plant came from mine. lol. j/k.

I've sent pics of 'x' plant two 2 conservatories and Botanical Gardens..none could make an ID.

Also, placed a pic on Name that Plant here on GW.
Some thought it was Dracaena.

I've seen actual variegated Pendanus at the conservatories, but none resembled our plants.

Their Pans grew upright. Like my ex-Pan/Screw Pine.

The plant you're calling P. veitcii grows nothing like a Screw Pine, that has a swirling base.

I left this plant in the alley last autumn..thankfully, someone took it.
I bought the plant at HD in 1999, but th pic is from 2007...can't find a more recent photo on my Flickr page.


See how it leans? It was almost twice as wide 2012. No room and couldn't cut it back.

Here's another variegated plant. I'm not sure if it's Pandanus or Ponytail.

See the trunk?

A newer pic taken 2013

Ponytails usually have a caudex base, but this plant doesn't.
When I purchased from HI, seller admitted he didn't know if it was PT or Pandanus.

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Toni, I told you months ago that your plant was a Pandanus, when you posted photos of it.

I found one in an artificial pond, probably someone had ditched it because it was getting too big. There were several trunks up to about 5 or 6 metres tall, growing partly in the water. There were a couple of tiny plants right in the water and they were white, I assumed because of lack of light. Took those home and potted them where they grew larger but still white. They were in full sun and later started to go greener. Now they're totally green but still in the pot. Haven't fertilised them but need to put them in the ground, they're getting to that size.

On that El Arish Tropical Exotics page it states theirs is a dwarf form of P. veitchii. I think I've got the full sized one. They're reputed to be quite variable and the variegation unstable. Pandanus don't flower conspicuously in the way of a lot of other plants. The flowers are inconspicuous and mostly you only notice the fruits which are large.

In low light the plants will become floppy, but in good light they're upright although often support themselves with prop roots. Kept indoors they'd eventually need staking, unless there were enough pups crowded around to hold them up. What do grow viney are the very closely related Freycinetias, sometimes also called Climbing Pandanus.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

This has been a fascinating read. Kept waiting for the plot to go in the "it's albino from not enough light" direction, but that's not it at all. Love a surprise twist at the end (although there's no reason for this discussion to end, just that it doesn't seem to be a mystery anymore.)

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I can't wait I repot this plant from the miracle grow to the gritty mix like the ones we hear Al formulated. This will be done in fall but those stilt aerial roots are amazing to look at. I love how nature adapts in ways unknown

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