Aralia and China Doll

elkay_gwJuly 8, 2011

I've never had an Aralia and decided I'd like to have one. Since I haven't been able to find one around here, I was going to order one online for $11 plus postage. I went to Walmart today to get a few things, decided to look outside in the garden dept and found a variegated aralia and a China Doll plant. They were both so dry I don't think they would have survived much longer and at $2.75 each, I couldn't resist.

Check out the one variegated leaf on the China Doll. Is this unusual or something commonly seen?

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Elkay, the variegated leaf IS unusual. I hope all the leaves'd have one rare China Doll.

Nice Balfour Aralia, too. You lucked out at Walmart. Toni

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