Taco pan flowers

mommyandme2February 21, 2012

This was easy ! Taco pans :

Taco pan flowers:

The pans are mounted on pvc pipe that has been covered with green garden twine. The pipes are propped up with rocks in a large flower pot --- Laura

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I have those pans ,too ! I paid too much for mine to turn them into flowers. ( Yet ) LOL I think that'll be their destiny when I'm done with them :)

PS --- aren't they non stick ? How did the paint grab ?

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I got them cheap in a GW store. Yes, they're non-stick. I lightly sanded all surfaces on both sides with superfine sandpaper before painting. - Laura

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Those really turned out nice. I've seen where you can heat up an old record, shape them like that and paint as you did. GW has lots of cheap records. I like that you had instant shapes to work with.

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now how cool is that I just love when we can fool mother nature lol great job

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Laura, Those flowers are really neat. You had a great idea. Thank you for sharing.


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