jade plant....why are so many leaves falling off?

charlie2003(NY)July 21, 2007


I also have a jade plant and loads of leaves seem to be falling off every week! Is that normal? I imagine it isn't. It was dry so I did water it till it felt damp and let all the water drain out. It is getting some light every day. I have a south facing window in a NYC apartment but there is a tall building 15 feet or so in front of mine. Apparently, south facing windows are supposed to get lots of light? Mine is blocked by the building in front so gets less light than it should.

Anything I can do so ALL the leaves don't fall off?



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If the leaves that are falling are healthy, try to root them in the same pot. These plants root really fast. have you checked for mealies or other pests? if the dropping leaves are dried up, then the plant may just be growing.

I have a small jade that is directly in front of the sunniest southern window and i find as long as buds are still growing, a bit of leaf-loss can be expected. Mine usually shrivel up on the stem, them drop off. Is that what yours are doing?

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Charlie, though south windows are best for C&S's, do you have an unobstructed west window? Or better yet, access to an outdoor balcony?
Be careful watering..Jade soil needs to dry between, so don't keep it soggy..after it dries out, give it a hearty drink.
Do you fertilize? If so, what type do you use and how often?
You said, plant is getting 'some' light..what do you consider 'some'? Did you place in the south window w/the building next door or elsewhere?
Losing some leaves is normal, but not great amounts..have you done anything different this summer?
And like Greenchic stated, check for pests..Toni

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Mentha(9 CA)

What kinds of soil are you using? What kind of pot? How large is the pot compared to the plant? It sounds like root rot. Some soil can be dry on top and still be sopping in the middle. I would repot it in a C&S mix with added perlite in the smallest clay pot the roots will fit in. Then supliment the light with a lamp or flourescent light or something. Good luck :)

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Hello everybody!

I should start off saying that I don't know anything about houseplants, soils, fertilizers, etc.

The leaves that are falling are not shriveled up or dead. They look healthy. So, I'm not sure why they are falling off.

I don't know what kind of soil it is. It came with the plant and I got it from Home Depot.

It is in a 6" pot, the plastic type that comes from Home Depot. Plant seems to fit in it perfectly.

The plant is not in front of the window. It's on a shelf on the wall in the middle of the room, and sun comes in during the day but it is not directly hitting the plant. It is light in that area though.

I didn't see any pests.

Any simple suggestions? I've only had the plant for 2 weeks!



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Mentha(9 CA)

Wash the old soil off the roots, more than likely it's in a peat plug, this has to come off or else you'll really have problems. Repot it into some c&s potting soil in a clay pot about the same size as before. The loose leaves can be laid on top of the soil to root. Then put it next to a South or West facing window, I mean about a foot away. What seems bright to you is no light whatsoever to a plant, they need light, a lot of it. Don't water it for a week or so, this gives the roots time to heal, then only water when the soil is dry. Stick a wooden chopstick in the soil, don't water until it comes out dry, then water well and let it drain completely.

This should help your problem, it sounds like a combo of nursery soil and lack of light. Good luck :)

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My leaves are falling off my jade plant but they are yellow. I have not been watering too often - maybe once every 10 days. How can I make my plant healthy looking with green leaves again? It was sitting on my kitchen table not in direct sunlight but there are windows on each end of the room.

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Maylae, watering a jade very 10 days is probably to much no matter what size it is. It also needs more light.
It grows everywhere here in CA outdoors in direct sunlight all day. Check the roots for rot. If brown and mushy, trim off and repot in well draining soil.
Most houseplants are killed from overwatering.

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Charlie, take heart, your plant's problems are not so much different than a thousand others who go through the same growing pains.

This board---for houseplants--is full of questions from owners who are experiencing problems to their plants.
It is by seeing what happens to our plants that you learn about them, their similar and quite different maladies.

May I suggest if you are going to be a plant person, if you want to do right by a plant that can give so much to a room, then try to learn the basics of what usually happens to plants. I say "usually" because your plant's falling leaves is not that unusual because there are many reasons why plants drop leaves. Every room has its quirks--light levels, air movements, ambient temperature, sun, shade, moisture levels, etc etc....everything your plant....and we ourselves, go through.

For instance, in winter, the air is very dry, it cracks our skin. Imagine what it does to a tender plant.
We moisturize our skin....a plant likes it the same.
We protect ourselves against wind. Wind is the worst enemy to a plant. Air movement changes the temperature much too fast that a plant can adequately fend off.

We sit down to dinner and hopefully eat only as much as we can use. The plant is your guest, feed it likewise.
Never feed a sick plant, get it healthy first.

Enough.....an inexpensive plant book bought at a used bookstore can make for wonderful reading and there are always tables or shelves full of such books about all gardening facets.

Your falling leaves can be from many possible causes.
Overwatering; underwatering, too much light, too little light, too much fertilizer; not enough humidity, and the worse one, I think, is letting your plant be hit with an air current from an open window or door where such can affect the plant's leaves so abruptly.

If you think the plant is not getting sufficient light, then try to move it closer to the light....or take it to another room where you can put it more directly into a window that can provide more direct light.
A diaphonous curtain can cut direct light down nicely.

If its just the lower leaves that are falling, give it more light. These leaves though, will probably not renew themselves.

A light colored wall that receives high light, can often give enough to a plant by deflection.
Put your plant on a pedestal so that it receives more light or hang it up higher to receive greater light as the day (sunlight) wanes.

Moisturize the plant by spritzing regularly with water.
Water a dry plant before fertilizing.

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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping some of you can recommend a plant light I can use for my jade tree. I love this plant. I've had it for three years and it's grown beautifully. However, I recently moved and I'm pretty sure it's not getting enough light anymore. Occasionally yellowish leaves are falling, something which is very unusual for this plant, and my watering routine has not changed. I also repotted it in a bigger pot and fertilized it 2 mos. ago. It used to look really big and bushy and green, but now it doesn't look as full, the leaves all look droopy and it's not as bright green. Very sad.

I think it needs a plant light but I have no idea what kind to get. I have a small studio apartment so I'm thinking a light around the size of a desk lamp would be ideal for the space I have available. Any recommendations? How much do they normally cost? Where can I get it?

Thanks for any advice!

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Jodie, you would probably get a better response by starting a new thread.
You said it's not getting the light it used to and also your watering routine hasn't change. That could be the problem. If it's not getting the same light it might need less water. The yellow falling leaves are indicative of that I think.

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I agree if your Jade, (a succulent) isn't getting as much light as it was, then less water is needed. Too much and it'll rot.
Since Jade is a succulent plant, the leaves hold water, therefore it doesn't need much..Water well, then let soil dry completely before giving another drink..Toni

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My Jade goes out in spring/summer (full sun south garden) than back in before frost. Outdoors the leaves actually get dark reddish/purple margins and undersides. I water it ONLY when I can pinch a leaf and it indents with a pinch of the fingers (that's all succulents for me) That's quite a bit in summer, but hardly ever in winter in a south window. The pot is terra cotta. Only leaf loss are those at the base as it grows a trunk.

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black rash on jade caused leaves to fall offf and some branches just to break off.plant spent all summer out doors

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meg_awat(Indoor & Outdoor 10-11)

If you have an obstruction, then you aren't growing in a south window
I had such a window in the City.
Many options for supplimental lighting

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Hi, I LOVE my jade plants . . . currently I have 24 baby plants and 10 very large ones. I offer my baby plants (not only jades) for favors at parties and events where they make a nice table decoration with some pretty paper and a bow around the pot, and people can take them home at the end of the evening. Such a hit!

I find that the garden centers sell plants that look gorgeous but are usually in plastic pots and rootbound. If one gets a jade from a place like that I would take it home and immediately transfer it out of the plastic pot it is in, loosen up the roots, and pot it back into a slightly larger CLAY pot with a home-made soil mix of potting soil (I like the Miracle Grow), construction-type sand, and perlite.

Make sure the pot has a drainage hole (cover that with a small flat piece of a broken pot or a small flat stone) and when you water the plant, make sure you water it until water runs out of the pot so you guarantee that all the roots get a drink. Then let the plant dry out for a few weeks before watering again. In the winter I water mine about every 3 weeks or so but do not overwater jades.

Put the plant in the most sunny window you have in your house. I put mine outside during the spring and summer which they love because of the humidity. When outside most plants need protection from the full sun or the leaves will burn.

I trim my jades to shape them and after cutting a piece I let that stem dry out for about 2 weeks and then pot it in sand with a little peat moss to root.

When leaves fall off plants, I just lay those on the top of the soil of one of the mature plants and ignore them till they also get roots which then can be planted. You'll know the leaves have roots when you see a tiny little baby plant growing at the end of the leaf. I'm sure there is a specific way to pot up the leaves so you get more babies, but I don't really NEED more babies so I don't fuss with that. :)

Good luck with your jade plants everyone! Donna

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Most Crassla 'Jade' will drop there bottom leaves, this is nature way of discarding what is not needed. This time of year trees drop leves, and chickens molt, so do Sans., 'Jade', Echevieria, and Aeonium, drop their leaves, We lose hair and shed skin, for most plants this is perfectly normal. There are really to many reasons why this happens. Donna is perfectly correct. I have 22 different varieties of 'Jade' they drop leaves, I have been growing them and collection them for the past 60+ since I was a very young child, and 'Jade' drop their leaves, I severaly prune mine here in Calif. about Sept.20 or when it starts to cool down.Mine are coming into flower now. Karen has been here and seen my 'Jade' collection, and I'm still looking for new ones. Norma

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I am having a similar problem, but under a different circumstance. I am going from less light to more light during the day. I have had this Jade for about 6 months and it has been healthy and green. I have had it in my room with decent sunlight and now that it is warm and sunny out I have been bringing it outside during the day to get more fresh air and sunlight. It's not a windy area and I am on the same watering schedule as always, about once every 10 - 12 days. The leaves after being outside are turning yellow with brown spots and are falling off like crazy. Anyone know why???

In Seattle...

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mpdrsn, you can't water a jade on a schedule and 10-12 days sounds like too often.
Being outside it should dry out faster, but jades hold water in their leaves. You should start a new thread..you'll get more responses. If you can post a picture that would help and tell us how big it is, but it sounds like rot.

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Go to the Cactus and Succulent Forum here and search for 'jade' or 'Crassula ovata' - you'll get lots of information, but in the meantime, it sounds like your plant is being drowned. Depot it, let it dry for several days, and in the meantime you'll have found more porous soil to pot it in. Crassula ovata grows best when watered appropriately, given all the variables of your culture (soil, exposure, pot, potting method, wind, sun, heat), and while it definitely likes its water it want to dry out, too.

If in doubt about watering, don't.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

In addition to what the gentlemen previously have written, MPDRSN, you must gradually acclimate your Jade to outdoor sunlight.

Mine usually take about of week of filtered sunlight to adjust.


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my jadeplant stems are limber with brown spots on leaves.i have it under a light.it may be to close to it.i have repotted and wash the roots.please tell me something soon. mary

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In the future, please provide a photograph of your plant - it's easier to diagnose the problem then. I would say your mix isn't porous enough or you're watering too frequently. That's the cause of most Crassula ovata problems. If you have a sunny window, the light from it would be better than light from an artificial source.

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hi, i rcently bought a small jade plant, it is only 10-11 inch high, i water it once a week, put it on a coffee table in 1 corner of my living room 2-3ft away from window. i realised i did not expose it to light after reading the posts here but will do so now. but the reason for this post is i see leaves falling, and these are plump green leaves. i water once a week. i tried to propagate them by leaving the leaves in the pot but these leaves turn mushy and look to me an untrained gardener, to be rotting. so i am puzzled why some people seem to think it is easy to grow from roots while i only see leaves turn moist and mushy. so i threw these away. and now i notice there are lots of space at the base of my plant! (leaves fell) i love to see some leaves growing or little baby plants and i love to be in a position when i can grow these and give to people. i really love jade plants now. i never figured i be a plant lover till i got my 1st jade plant. in fact i bought a 2nd one 1 mth after the first and now both plants are dropping green plump healthly leaves. should i get a organic fertiliser or a liquid fertilizer? i think i bought a non organic type (i didnt know anything at first). thank you in advance for your advice!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Very often, plants respond to decreasing light intensity or duration of exposure to light by shedding leaves. The reason lies in hormonal shifts that are caused by changes in photo-intensity or photo-period. Your plant needs full sun.

Also, watering jades is something that should be done on an 'as-needed' basis. Their response to over-watering is usually rotted roots, which can also cause leaf loss due to the plants inability to move water to the top. Try sticking a wooden skewer in the soil to test for moisture. If there is ANY sign of moisture on the skewer after testing, withhold water until it comes out dry. When root rot is suspected, this is a more reliable indicator than waiting until leaves lose turgidity - especially since most leaves will already be wrinkled, even though the soil is moist. I would withhold fertilizer temporarily, until it recovers, because it's likely the plant has residual nutrition in the soil from its former greenhouse/grower's home.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Abel - The most important issue for you to address is the issue of root rot. Jades do prefer full sun, but it will make little difference if your plant is 2ft from the window or 2 in. Jade roots rot easily and quickly, so getting the watering under control and checking to see that roots are not rotted is the logical priority. It won't matter how bright or perfect the light supply is if all your roots are rotted.

Light is only one potential limiting factor, along with dozens of others that can potentially limit growth and/or vitality. At any given time, there is only one factor that is most limiting, and if roots are rotting, it's unlikely it's light.

Pull the plant from the pot and inspect the roots. Smell them. If they smell sour or look black or slimy, a repot into a very free-draining soil is in order ASAP. If you do have root rot issues, you'll need to cut the roots back to sound tissue if the plant is still viable. This should be your primary consideration.


Here is a link that might be useful: More about how plant growth is limited

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Hi Abel,

It sounds to me like you've over watered your Jade, which leads to root rot as Al is explaining. Jades go dormant in the dead of winter , and in some places in the extreme heat of summer.
It should be a little on the dry side before you water. Once a week sounds like too much, especially if it's not in a well draining soil!

I was going to also say light is not the only limiting factor, but Al beat me to it. :-)

Moving it closer to light, is NOT going to help your plant if the roots have rotted.

Please do as it's been suggested, and check the roots.

As far as rooting a leaf, it may just be a bad time for that too. Wait a few weeks and take a good healthy leaf. I've rooted plenty this way, but the weather was warmer.
And I've even had them root by just falling off , and laying in the pot they are in, in partial shade. Timing and health of the leaf are more important than how much light they are getting. your Jade is just waking up, so you will have to be patient. ;-)

You've been given good sound advice for what needs to be done to assure this plant is growing good. I do hope you take it and check the roots! They are your main concern at the moment.
Along with a free draining mix.
Everything else will fall into place after that. :-)

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Jades can grow perfectly fine without full sun, or a sunny window for that matter.
Take it from me Abel, since I have dozens growing 2 or more feet away from a window. The difference is that they grow very green and lanky, but still survive.

What I would do is address your watering issues.

The only time I have ever lost a jade or leaves was due to over watering or poor soil mixes.
Since jade leaves are full of water, too much water can cause them to collapse or fall right off plump and green, but to weak to root,and at times yellow, and or almost mushy.

I would not fertilize at all since these plants take very kindly to a non pampering grower. I can't remember the last time I fertilized mine, although others do, but rarely. Some also fertilize a very weak solution when their plants are actively growing.

As stated already, light is only a limiting factor for a compact and robust plant, but the mix which is probably still the one it came in, I can bet is not suitable for your jade and the main culprit.

Please pot it in a much grittier mix as soon as possible, one with preferably minimal peat if any at all. You might be able to stop the rot before it is too late.


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Hi all,
Thank you very much for your advice! Al, I did what you suggested initially, which is stick a wooden skewer. I dare not take the plant out of the pot because I am afraid I might do more damage. It is not completely dry so I wont water for at least another week. It is quite disheartening that the consensus is possible root rot. So in meantime I like to grow from the leaves that dropped. I put some of the leaves on a paper napkin to dry, and some on top of the soil. But those I put on the soil turn soft and mushy in 2 days. That is not how it is supposed to happen is it? There is no sun here. Cool rainy weather now. So when I go to the rest of the forum and see all those pictures of leaves with baby plants and read what Jojo and others in this thread talked about, I am feeling lost here. What am I doing wrong?
I also noticed it did get taller since I put it in the hall, didnt know that was due to lack of light till Mike pointed it out. So if I put it back in my kitchen (face East) it should grow more sideways?
And in case, I cant post a message here soon enough, (had some difficuty in last 2 days), I like to add that I think the soil that comes with the jade plant is ordinary mix plus something else. I dont know what is free draining mix or grittier mix. The shops sell mostly either organic soil, ordinary potting mix or volcanic ash. (I went to the stores and that is all they have). SO which should I get? Thanks in advance, Abel.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hello, Abel!

Good advice so far. I'm glad you're going to wait to water. Once a week is a lot.

If your weather is cool and rainy, try setting a few leaves on the window-sill to root.
During the hot summer, it's better to root leaves out of direct sunlight. But now might be
different for you.

Where do you live? Some places it's difficult to locate gritty, inorganic ingredients.
Most of us like to use ingredients like perlite, turface, pumice, granite chips, sharp gravel,
et cetera, to make our Jade/succulent mix. The only organic component is usually fine bark.

Liquid fertilizer, used in very light doses, will do the trick.


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Hi Abel,
I think one thing that may be going wrong with rooting the leaves, is they are probably not healthy leaves. The ones that have fallen, have done so due to the plant being stressed. They are turning to mush because they have already retained too much water.

Odd as it may sound, to root a leaf, you need to lay them on a dry mix. The leaf will absorb it's moisture from within, and then when that runs out, will send out roots looking for moisture.

If I haven't explained it very well , one of the others will be along and jump in. I'm the kind of person who knows what needs explained, but getting it out is another story. lol!

I can promise you, the help your getting here is some of the best. Josh, Al and Mike, know these plants, and growing in containers. They are the 3 I turn to. :-)

Right now your main goal is to get the plant healthy. Wait a bit on trying to root leaves.

We are all growing in a gritty mix. And Josh has provided the type of materials you need. If you have more questions , please do ask. They will get you going on the right track.

The mix you describe the plant being in sounds pretty standard, and bad news. you really need to get the plant in a better draining mix.


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Thank you all, I will surely follow your advice. I will try to repot it if no improvements. This weekend I will go to a nursery ,see what type of good draining soil available. I see the jade plant now quite bare and looked taller, but then again it could be because all the bottom leaves have disappeared! Looked lanky. There are some white powdery stuff there. SHould I get some insecticides? I read that dish washing liquid will do the trick. Leaves have stopped falling for now. But the soil looked clumpy. By the way I also had a indoor palm tree and that died - the stems and roots gotten mushy. That jade plant wasnt near that palm tree at all.. anyway now i am trying to make the jade plants happy again.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Jedi, good luck this weekend!
Let us know what ingredients you can find, and we can all work together to figure out a
decent mix for your Jades. Avoid any potting soils with peat moss as a main ingredient.
Large-grained Perlite is a good ingredient to open drainage and reduce water volume.
Small grit - like pumice, quartz, sharp gravel - in the 1/8 to 1/4 inch range is good, too.


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thks Josh. jedi 1812 is aka abel. first 2 posts were done without logging in..

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Aha...Abel, it is! ;-)


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hi, it is me again. I noticed the soil isnt getting much drier. And 2 leaves became yellow and shriveled and hanging on to the stem so I had to pluck these. What does that mean? The leaves which were full of water and which fell on its own, I tried to dry them and no, there are no baby roots..

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Hi Abel,
Can you remove the plant from the pot with the soil, and set it on newspaper to soak up the extra water for a few days, until you can get what you need to replace what it is growing in?


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did you mean let the soil dry faster if i take it out of the pot?
thks, abel

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Hi Abel.
Yes, you need to get the soil dried out. If you take it out of the pot and set it on newspaper it will help soak up the extra water. The longer the soil is wet, the worse the roots will get. See if you can tip the pot and gently get the plant out with the soil still intact. Set it on the newspaper and leave it there for a few days. If the paper becomes really soaked, change it.

Your plant will be fine, Jades can go a few weeks without water this time of year.


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Thanks Jojo. Last weekend, the nurseries I went to dont have the soli mix you gurs recommended. In fact they stock the same fertilisers sold in the supermarkets. There was volcanic ash, the bag info says tested on palm trees and cacti but there is peat in there. So I bought the usual potting mix, made in Germany. Havent change the soil yet though. Now I put the 2 jades in my east facing kitchen so they can have as much light as possible. But I noticed the leaves are fragile as any slight wind they can fall off..

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hi, Abel.
For the best results, you really need free-draining ingredients.
Putting the Jade into the same potting soil won't restore it to health.
Can you post a pic of the soil?


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Hi Josh, it is ordinary potting soil. the black soil, from Germany. I dont know how to post a picture. In any case, i waited 2 wks and seeing the jade leaves a bit sad looking and the soil kind of hard and dry, I think it needed water. So I watered them a bit, and i dont think it was the watering that caused the leaves to initially fall. Because i accidentally brush against it and carried the pots to a more sunny spot in my kitchen, the leaves fell, as if no energy in them. Since the day of the watering on saturday i am happy to say both jade plants havent dropped a single leaf! In fact some baby leaves grew on the stems. Just that I was worried initially when a bunch of leaves suddendly appeared at the base of both pots. That was the week when someone at the store bought the plants from told me they need watering twice a week! Now I realised the little new leaves seem to pushing the older ones out. I sort of like them with lots of leaves though, the base seem like an empty nest.. ANyway I did save some leaves and left them at the window sill to dry, or on top of my washing machine near the window, but the leaves seem to be rotting. There is 1 little stem I did save but the end seem dried up. Was going to put all of these on the soil I just bought. If I am not mistaken the gravel I saw on the photos you showed at earlier posts at ither threads, I think gravel meant little stones? IF so I think I can get them from my neighbourhood outside. Or I can get any kind of stones, right?

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Hi Josh,
OK here are the ingredients for the soil mix I bought - the bag info is as follow - mix of decomposed white sphagnum peat, frozen black sphagnum peat and clay. Soil is black. No smell. If this is not good for jade plants, then how about organic soil? I can get that at the store. Also, I have a tiny cactus like plant. But the roots are black at the top near the plant, and the roots are not. Yes I over watered that too, and it didnt grow at all. I was going to change the soil and noticed the roots turned black. Thanks!

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the jade has been around a while(it's not mine but I promised to leek at it for her-not that I'm very great at houseplants) the plant is maybe 3 feet tall and it's losing leaves all over-an outdoor plant, I'd say somebody was chomping on it-it's becoming skeletal-but I'm not seeing anything. I've read all about the overwatering and I will discuss that with her although since she's had it a while I'd think that isn't it-the leaves seem small to me???but the ones still on are fairly green and somewhat plump-but others just fall off as I touch it-not sure I'm happy about the look of the stems either---will appreciate what you can tell me---thamks

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Steve..did you repot the Jade? Also, are leaves on the entire plant small or just new growth?

There are different Crassula species..Different types of Jades..some small, some medium, some large leaves.
If the entire plant has small leaves, it's probably not the common Jade seen at most stores.

Can you post a picture?
You said you promised to 'leek' it for her? What do you mean by leek?

Is it possible a critter is eating the leaves? Do they discolor before dropping? Have you checked for insects?

There are many reasons foliage drops. Over-watering is another biggie..especially with succulents.
If over-watered, the leaves usually yellow first, then drop. Is that what's happening? Toni

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hi toni-sorry I imagine I meant look at it for her-not much of a typist/computer type---I didn't see any insects-the major thing is this skeletal look-I'll talk to her and maybe get a picture thanks

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im not sure when you posted this but i am new to the site. for years i've killed every jade i had by watering it too much-which is why my pretty green leaves kept falling off. now i just sit it outside in the sun from late may to late october. then i bring it in and let it sit without touching it in any way. no watering! it has tripled in size in 2 summers and it's beautiful. try it. it may work for you. hope this helps. southern zone.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

The problem isn't actually watering too much....
the problem is a soil that holds too much moisture for too long.
In a properly made soil, one could water a Jade plant regularly.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Josh is absolutely correct. Subjecting the plant to drought stress in order that you might avoid root rot is probably not the best way to accomplish that end. An appropriate soil, one that allows you to keep the soil damp yet still full of air, offers the advantage of eliminating the root problems that cause leaf loss (if it wasn't a reaction to the reduction in light, which is entirely possible) without having to suffer the effects of drought stress.

Welcome to the forums, btw!


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Since my baby jade has been loosing it's leaves. I made sure not to water since 18 days ago. It is under a grow light. I do not understand why it's loosing its leaves. The leaves that are falling are green. I felt like asking for refund from where I purchased it...I have enclosed a photo. What should I do? Thanks, Deb

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hello, you have an Elephant's [Food] Bush, which is a Portulacaria afra. And you should be watering it regularly, especially in such a small container. These are not Jades and they do not like to dry out as much between waterings.


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The plant that I bought from Bonsai boy is Baby Jade (portulacarla afra). These plants are confusing.

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As soon as I had received it I had watered it
4 days later cause it was loosing green leafs. So since I read
Information about the jade that they needed to be dried out. I love plants but they could be confusing.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

This is not a Jade, however, so the Jade watering information doesn't apply.

I can tell you this, if you are watering too much, the leaves will turn yellow first and then fall off.

Your plant needs light and water right now.


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I had watered it 3 days ago and when I checked the bottom of the trunk it so happen to be green, so the tree is alive. So what I did was placed closer to the grow light to see if it grows buds/leafs...so they told me to give it 2 weeks and if there is no growth, it would be replaced. I have enclosed photo.
Deborah Alicea

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My jade plant is 5 years old and recently it started to show light brown coloring on the leaves by the leaf stem, as well as, little dots on a few leaves. What is this and how do I stop it, if it's not normal?

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