Pachira leaves browning at the tips

bergeby(7a)July 18, 2014

I have a pachira that I got mid-march, and it's been growing well (after a bout before I began to fertilize, where the plant dropped nearly all of its leaves and looked close to death (it's healthy and green again)), but today I noticed that the tips of the leaves are browning a little bit?

I have a theory about this, but I would like if someone could possibly verify or disprove? I think that I'm watering it too much, which makes sense because I water it once a week. Technically, this is indirect watering, because it shares a tray with my syngonium plants, all of which get a bit wilty if I don't water once a week, but the water creeps over to the pachira. I use 1/4th strength fertilizer, which is what it gets watered with.

I plan to move the pachira onto its own tray and not water it for a few weeks, but do you think I'm right about this?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hard to say. Usually, brown leaf tips mean brown root tips....and overwatering is one cause. Excess salts in the medium are another cause, as is bound roots. I would recommend that you re-pot the plant into a fast-draining mix to avoid root-rot in the future. Post pics for better advice.


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It's true that it might also have an excess of salt, I noticed that the pot (terra cotta) was getting some white buildup around the bottom, which came off easily.

It currently is planted in a fast(ish)-draining mix. I don't have a specific recipe (not just yet), but I used mostly pine bark and gravel/stones (purchased from my local gardening store, so not like road gravel). I re-potted it into this maybe in late April, and it's been fine up until now.

I'll follow up with two more pictures, closer in on the leaves so you can tell more exactly the problem.

(sorry that the photo is rotated, the image uploading really could stand to be updated)

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close up one, you can see some of the browning.

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last picture. Oh! and before I forget, I made sure to check, but none of the trunks are soft, they're all nice and firm and healthy feeling, so I'm not sure it's gotten as bad as root rot yet.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Give the mix a good flushing, and then perhaps fertilize at full strength once a week (or whatever the directions on the package say). I wouldn't let it sit in the water...let it drain.


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