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littlewinglevityJuly 8, 2014

Hi :)
I started growing an avocado tree from a pit about six-seven weeks ago. I live in Israel so it's super hot out every day and my plant seems to be doing really well. It grows fast and big and I even started another one a few days ago (and he already has a small root).
thing is- I read I should cut back my plant.. "pinching and pruning" they call it, so he has more leaves. However, most videos were posted from other countries and their plants seem to be taller and have fewer leaves than mine. My tiny tree is still about 10cm tall and has plenty of large leaves and more growing from the stem every day! Should I still pinch and prune?! Or should I leave him alone?! Also should I plant him in soil already or wait a little longer? most sites say I should wait until he's taller and has more roots..
I really want him to do well. He is the first plant I've ever tried growing so any help will be great :)
Thanks in advance!

Oh and I added a picture so you can see how he's doing ^_^

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hello! And welcome!

I would pot the tree immediately into a container, and be sure to keep the potting mix moist while the tree settles into the new pot.

Do not prune your tree yet as it is still quite small. It will grow very tall - or will try to, at least - and then you can prune it down to make it more manageable for you.


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Wow, I've never seen one grow so well in water, great job your doing. Josh gives great advice, you should look up some of his posts on his avocado trees....

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