A Tale of Three Ficus (links to pics)

gravyboots(7B)July 2, 2011

Hello All!

Today I repotted the Ficus that live with me; a F. benjamina that has been with me for quite some time & is a real survivor, a F. elastica that was at this house when I moved in 3 years ago and suffered a total soil collapse a year ago, then lost all of its leaves, and a little F. elastica 'Sylvie' that I picked up in January.

I know the lack of photos in the post is lame, but I still can't figure out how to embed them... I uploaded them to Picasa, since I have a gmail account & the options seem to be rather limited.... But, the link works, I checked it from this post!

They look pretty pixelated in the "album" view, but if you click on a picture the quality is much better.

Anyhoo - I will update in a month or two when I do some top-pruning, then again when they (hopefully) bust out after that.

Please feel free to add you own ficus photos or links on this thread too!


Here is a link that might be useful: Tale of Three Ficus album

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Could that be sunburn on the Ficus elastica? It's a pretty plant, have you repotted it?

That is a very large Ficus benjamina, the bigger one. How old is it?

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Gravy, I'd love to see your Ficus, but when I click on your link, there's a warning. I don't understand why this happens. I had a similar problem with another pic, think it was yours, posted..Toni

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The new elastica leaves always seem to have a reddish cast before they harden up, so I don't worry about it... although they have been living outside for a few weeks, since the temps are (mostly) above 50* overnight. I'm sure it sounds crazy to folks in places where summer has started, but in Western Washington State we're still getting a few nights here & there in the high 40's!

I just re-potted them both last weekend. The benji has been with me for over 10 years; I bought it with that nice, thick trunk though, so I don't know how old it is. I'm hoping that after some tip-pruning in a few weeks it will fill in some, since the canopy is on the thin side... But thanks for the compliments Marguerite!

Toni, that warning is strange - it's just Picasa, google's picture-sharing site. Maybe your firewall settings aren't liking it? I clicked it after dumping cookies & it worked OK. I still can't figure out how to post pics here - sorry!

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