Can Someone Help my Droopy Yucca Cane?

thegeekJuly 30, 2011

I bought my yucca a little over a year ago. I brought it home and planted in in a 16 inch pot with potting soil and placed it in front of a window that gets lots of light. A few months later, the leaves were drooping, and it's been that way ever since. About a week ago, a repotted it in a 10 inch pot with cactus soil, and I've been keeping it outside because it's warm out. It's still really droopy though. I only water it about every 2 weeks. There are currently no pests on it. Is there something I can do so it will perk up again?

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Sounds like you over-potted and over-watered.

When you first repotted, do you recall how much room 'inches' were between the rootball and inner pot?

Since you downsized, obviously, the first pot was too large.
Now thatyour Yucca is in a 10" pot, how much space is between the rootball and inner pot?

Is the trunk firm or soft? A firm trunk means it's alive, and visa-versa.

Even though you used succulent soil, other mediums should have been added..Perlite, tiny stones...the reason, soil drains well.

House Plant soil, especially in excess, 'worse with succulent plants,' will cause rot.

Does your Yucca have sideshoots? If so, they can be removed and rooted..Rooting is a simple procedure.

A picture would be helpful..Toni

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